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Very Fit Prior to Smart Lipo, Now I’m Concerned…

Worth It
Spent: $4,800 in Birmingham, AL

Hello! I had smartlipo done about 3 1/2 weeks ago (July 7th)…I am about 5'8" and in pretty good shape (I regularly train for 1/2 marathons, triathlons, etc) but i've always had some problem areas and saved up enough money to do something about it. I had my entire abdomen done, flanks, outer thighs, and gluteal crease. Just had my 3 week followup and the Dr. said I still had a significant amount of swelling but gosh- I feel like I was in better shape before this surgery. I have been trying to remain calm this entire time and realize I need to wait 3-6months for the swelling to go away…I"m just having a little freak out. Getting Endermologie done tomorrow to help with some of the un-even areas.

My 4 scars (though tiny) are turning black! Is this normal? How can I fix this. Also, my Dr. told me to get back into a rigorous workout routine. Tried running today and my flanks and thighs hurt too bad with the impact of running, I only did a mile before I felt like I was in too much pain. Any ideas on workouts I could do? I think it was worth it and I'm holding on to the fact that I"m still healing..I think I'm experiencing post-cosmetic surgery blues. I love my surgeon and the staff was great.

Day 1 post op- I was in ALOT of pain (and I'm no pansy)…I went under general anesthesia with propofol, fentanyl, and I forget the other agent and they used an LMA as an airway. I'm thankful I was asleep and not awake for the thing…I would've freaked. I wore the compression garment faithfully for 2 weeks, now i'm using spanx and other garments that are a little more friendly with normal clothes. The verdict is still out on the entire procedure..I'd love to hear some feedback from other people with similar experiences. I can tell I've had some fat taken away..but I don't feel the tightness yet…

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