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Traditional Liposuction Vs. Laser Liposuction

Compare the safety and effectiveness of modern laser liposuction techniques with that of traditional procedures

The kind of safe and effective results that laser liposuction techniques are able to produce has been thoroughly documented and the proof is obvious. One of the primary benefits to modern laser liposuction procedures is the fact that patients do not have to spend as much time recovering as if they opted for a more traditional liposuction procedure. Even the skin in the affected areas which have been worked on is tighter with laser liposuction because of the unique technology that is utilized.

Differences in Anesthesia of Liposuction Procedures

Traditional liposuction surgery means that patients will have to undergo a general anesthetic which can be quite costly and cause a wide variety of complications, including even death in some rare cases.

Laser Lipo™ patients are administered a local anesthetic which is meant to numb the area that is being worked on. Patients have the benefit of being able to communicate clearly with doctors during the procedure without having to worry about being unconscious.

There are a few different benefits to being awake during the procedure, including:

  • Less risk of complications related to general anesthetic
  • Patient has ability to communicate with doctors during the procedure
  • Go home within hours of the procedure after local anesthetic wears off


Traditional Liposuction vs. Laser Liposuction

Traditional Liposuction

Laser Liposuction


Use of general anesthesia/heavy sedation Localized numbing of the affected areas with minimal risks

Blood Loss

Risk of blood loss significantly increases minimal blood loss and trauma


Significant post-surgery pain and powerful prescription medications required OTC medication used to treat discomfort


Blood clots and hematomas no risk from general anesthesia; extremely low rate of other complications


Additional procedures required to tighten up loose skin/undesirable results thermal properties in the laser tighten and smooth the skin, reducing the need for removal

Skin After Liposuction Surgery

When someone opts for a traditional liposuction procedure, they have a metal rod inserted into their body which is used to break up all of the fatty tissue in the area that is being worked on. The cells are suctioned out as solid matter which can result in noticeable pockets where the tissue has been removed from the body. One of the drawbacks to many traditional lipo procedures is the fact that they tend to leave loose hanging skin afterwards, leaving the patient to get follow up procedures to take care of the problem. The loose skin which is left can easily lead to infections and other serious complications which should be considered.

With the Laser Lipo™ procedure however, a very small tube called a “cannula” is inserted under the skin and tiny incisions are made which are barely even noticeable. The cannula has a laser which is able to actually dissolve the fat deposits and remove them in liquid form, literally melting away the fat in the body. As the laser works it tightens the skin so that there are no loose parts as a result.





Bruising, Bleeding, and Infection

Because the instrument which is used in traditional liposuction is significantly larger than that which is used in laser liposuction, it tends to more aggressively break up the fat cells, leading to quite a bit of bruising after it has been performed. Bleeding is another concern with traditional liposuction procedures because of the use of the metal rod which is inserted into the body and then pulled out, potentially damaging blood vessels as a result.

With laser liposuction, the patient will experience virtually no bruising because of the tiny instrument which is used, along with the fact that bleeding is not a problem either because only small incisions are made.


Those who opt for traditional liposuction procedures are usually stuck in a hospital for quite a while because of the fact that a general anesthetic is used. People who get traditional liposuction usually need someone to drive them home afterwards because of the fact that a general anesthetic was used. Someone who undergoes a procedure like this could be in the hospital for days or even weeks on end.

With laser liposuction, patients who undergo these state-of-the-art procedures are only confined to the hospital for two to three hours until the local anesthetic wears off and they are able to leave. Most everyone who gets the Laser Lipo™ procedure will be able to return to normal every day activities within a couple days.


One of the main benefits to laser liposuction is that it provides a less painful and more effective way to remove fat from the body without putting the patient at risk. There are quite a few complications and risks associated with traditional liposuction, but those who are no longer necessary to endure with the technology that exists today. Although there is no weight loss procedure that can absolutely guarantee satisfactory results, the Laser Lipo™ liposuction procedure comes fairly close.

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