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Worth It
Spent: $6,000 in San Diego, CA

I had my consultation on 3/5/10. I meet with a board certified Plastic Surgeon, They were wonderful, He told me what was realistic to expect at my young age of 48. I am 5’6 145LB. I have done alot of research for over a year, and I am glad that I choose a JACHO accredited Surgery Center to have this done and I will be under General Anestheia,They estimate the procedure will last about an 1 1/2 hours. I am having my surgery tomorrow 3/18/10, I am nervous!!! I have all my meds filled and bought a shower curtain to place on my bed, as they say alot of fluid leakage. I will post pre-op photos and post op photos after the procedure. Wish me Luck!! I have been having anxiety all day and just want tomorrow to come and wake up on Friday.. Will keep you posted on how it goes..

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Day 1-Arrived at the Surgery center in San Diego for a surgery at 1130am.I was given a nice wardrobe to change into, so very cach’e.. I love the blue and I got this great Purple Gown that had a hose that hooked up to what looked like a blow dryer to keep you warm,witch was wonderful since those surgery centers are kept at 65 degrees…. anyway mu doctor came in and went over the procedure with me and then took photos. He asked me if I wanted him to be aggresive or moderate. He explained by going aggresive that it may leave un eveness in the skin so I said Pass!! just go moderate.  Well I think he went aggressive anyway!I was rolled in to suregery room and was given my general ansethisa, I donot remember anything until I woke up. I had alot of burning in my abdoman so I was given an IV injection of some sort and 2 perkacet. that did the trick right away, Feeling no pain now. And off home I went. My husband was wonderful.First night up every two hours going potty..Drinking tons of water and gatorade.Norco for pain every 4 hours.Day 2-Horrible. I was in so much pain could not get out of bed, My wonderful husband placed a belt on my canopy so I had something to use to pull myself up.I had to go to doctor that afternoon for my postop check, I was miserable, In alot of pain. He took the bandages off and said I looked great. The leaking was starting to slow now. I went right back home and went to bed. Slept all day on pain meds.Day 3- I felt a little better and thought I could stop the pain meds and take tylenol. My husbadn washed my hair for me and I washed the blood out of the garment Iw as wearing. I go really dizzy when I removed it and had to lay down, Becareful when you do this that you have someone with you. I think they took 300cc from me, is what I was told. The itching started this day and it was brutal. So I found Benadryl it works and helps you sleep.Day 4- OMG I woke up with my whole pubic are so swollen when looked down I could not see the floor. Black and Blue everywhere. down my inner thight, all over my butt and under my arms .. Thank God I knew this would happen. But the leaking has stopped and I can remove the shower curtain off my bed. Yippee!! Oh and by the way I have not had a bowel movement since surgery, So I decided to take a Womens laxative to help me along,Day 5- Today was the check up with the doctors office to see how I am progressing. I am still really swollen and could not get on any of my jeans or pants for that matter. I had to wear streatchey PANTSS!!! ( not to happy about that) When I go to the doc. He told me I was looking really good and that all the numbness and itching was normal. All the bruising and swelling was normal and tha tI could expect to see swelling on and off for 5 to 6 months. He told me this is not like an instant gratification like getting a hair cut. It is Surgery and you have to be patient. I was really depressed and in alot of pain after a long day of working and driving around, And no Pain medication on board. Well wouldnt you know it. Rigth while I am in the docs office waiting form y exam, WHAM! I got to go, I mean I got to go Right Now!So after 5 days of no … you know.. I have to invade the doctors rest room. It was not good. I was exhausted and went home feeling very weak. I was in so much pain by 900pm I was crying and could not move so Back on the pain pills I went. I woke up every 3 1.2. hours to take the pain meds, and itch a little. It was a long night.Day 6-I woke up this morning still very swollen nothing has changed. I am still in pain like someone has stretched my skin really tight over my hips, The garment seems to be getting looser so I had my Husband Cinch it down for me this morning, I had a full shower and feel nice and clean, I think I am going to stay on my pain meds for another few days. It is not worth trying to get off them and them have it all hit you at one time. I have a very low tolerance for Pain and bruise easily so I eally am struggling with the constant pain. not to mention the bruising, And No sex!! How long does this last? No one every metions this. I am newly married only two years and my husband did not want me to do this but, I assured him it was no big deal and I would be up and running  in about a week,++ NOT SO MUCH+++Thank God for such a wonderful understanding man. I am really very hopeful that when this is all over and I am on my way to Turks and Caios in September I will look the way I want to in a bikini. I am going to continue to wear my garment for the 6 weeks doc recommends. and then switch to spanx.. I will post new pictures when I am all finished healing… 

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