Getting any weight loss procedure is a big decision in your life. Making sure you have done your research about laser liposuction is key. Here are resources for you.

Smartlipo Triplex™ – Next Generation Laser Lipolysis System

The manufacturer of SmartLipo™ has introduced a third lipo system to its family which Cynosure is very proud of.

Right now SmartLipo™ is a leading option for those who need to lose weight quickly and without waiting a long time. It is growing in popularity and there are many patients who have benefited from SmartLipo™ and the SmartLipo™ MPX system which implements unique technology into these procedures.

Doctors have commented on just how effective and groundbreaking these procedures are, able to help people drop a significant amount of weight in a safe and healthy way.

You will find that there are three different methods when it comes to removing fatty tissues from the body.

Smartlipo Success

These Laser Lipolysis Systems have experienced a tremendous amount of success with the general public and the LaserBodySculpting Workstations have been just as popular with those who are trying to lose weight. The SmartLipo™ Triplex system is just one of the latest innovations in this type of technology.

The sheer clinical capabilities of the SmartLipo™ Triplex system are amazing. With wavelengths of 1064nm, 1320nm, and 1440nm these lasers are able to meet the demands of all different kinds of patients with various needs nad requirements.





With the SmartLipo™ Triplex system, a 1440 nm wavelength laser is used to pinpoint fat cells in the body and instantly liquefy them by heating up and destroying what is left. As the laser works to remove fat deposits throughout various parts of the body, it also tightens the skin and stimulates the natural production of collagen in the body.

The SmartLipo™ Triplex System, the Newest Cynosure Technology in Laser Lipolysis

  • Get more effective laser lipolysis results
  • Proven tissue coagulation resulting in tightening
  • Reliable, controlled energy delivery
  • Reduced treatment time and less downtime
  • High-definition sculpting capabilities

SmartLipo™ Triplex comes with a ThermaGuide as well as SmartSense. The kind of device which is used in this type of procedure is heated to the necessary temperature for removing fat deposits as well as tightening skin when necessary. SmartLipo™ is certainly one of the safer and more effective methods of instantly transforming a person’s body.

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