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SmartLipo Triplex Laser – Painful at Times, but Still Excited – Birmingham

Worth It
Spent: $6,500 in Birmingham, AL

After my second child, could not drop fat from ab area. I'd been trying for 4 years – gave up hope.

Updated on Jun 09, 2010:

I had my upper and lower abs, flanks, mid and lower back done. $6500 – 24 months interest free. I am 38 years old, 5'5" and 151 lbs as of the morning of the surgery (6/8/2010). My waist measurement this morning was 37".

During my initial inquiry visit, I met with the doctors and staff and they answered all of my questions. During the weeks leading up to the procedure, I was nervous and made several calls to ask more questions, they were patient and answered them all. On the day of the procedure, I arrived early because I had even more questions (I was VERY nervous and had serious second thoughts) The doctor sat with me privately and answered all my questions AGAIN. He was very sweet. The doctor and staff was great!

The surgery room was setup very nice, The setting wonderful,there was music and a TV – I watched FOX during the most of the procedure, it really helped to take my mind off of thing. The initial fluid to numb me was uncomfortable. It felt like my entire insides was stung by an massive bee hive (best description I can think of). They had a large area to numb, it took about an hour and a half to complete. The doctor started with the lower abs, went to the upper abs, flanks, then the back. Initially, I felt nothing – but when he moved to the back it got uncomfortable. I felt the suction of the fat, and it stung very badly in some areas. The heat of the laser got uncomfortable too. Some spot on the back REALLY hurt. I think some of the fluid started to wear off? I'm not sure, but I keep telling myself "It's gonna be worth it!" Over and over again. The nurse was soooooo sweet – she actually sung to me to sooth me during the uncomfortable parts. She had an AMAZING voice.

The actual procedure took about 2 hours. The doctor said my waist looked amazing. And that he got everything from the abs (My major problem area – I really hope to see big results there). He removed about 700 cc's. He had to get a second cannister to hold the fat during the procedure. They wrapped me very tightly and put on 2 compression garments. They gave me my medicine there and very detailed instructions. The doctor gave me his cell phone number and said to call him ANY TIME with any issues or questions. He even called me an hour later just to check on me.

So far, I have only taken the antibiotics and asprin. I received some oxycodon from him, and will take some at bed time. I am feeling some pain, but with 2 small kids (I'm a divorced Mom) I didn't want to be loopy around them.

I have leaked through out the day, and had to change clothes twice. I changed the outer white compression garment (it didn't feel tight enough) and put an Ardyss Body Magic on top of the leotard type garment they gave me. The doctor said it would be Ok and it REALLY holds me in tightly.

I saw my belly briefly when they were wrapping me – it looked very saggy and funny. I really hopes this works. I am supposed to remove the wrappings and shower in the morning. I have been warned about the passing out, so my sister will be here when I remove my badages. My follow-up appointment is next Tuesday (6/15/2010). I have been drinking water all day to hopefully help with the swelling. I drove myself to the procedure and I did feel a little woozy after the surgery, but after drinking fruit juice, I felt better.

I will update as the days and weeks pass. I will post pictures soon.

Ok, the night after the surgery I had trouble sleeping. My back hurt, ached really (the most painful areas during the procedure). So I tried sleeping on my stomach most of the night. I got maybe 3 hours of sleep and I am back to work today. This morning (6/9/2010) I lay in bed and cut the wrapping off, just in case I passed out. But all was well. So far, I like the result. There is one bruised area on my upper abs, but no where else so far. My belly is flabby, but I don't feel fat, so that is a good sign. I showered and applied ointment to the open areas, most of the draining happened yesterday and overnight. There are still 2 areas dripping (lower abs and one on my lower back). I put panty liners on those areas and re-wrapped myself and put on my garment. I took my antibiotic this morning on an empty stomach as instructed and threw up about 45 minutes later (I think that is why it happened) I'm not in pain this morning, but feel drained from the upset stomach. The doctor called me personally this morning to check on me. He asked how I was feeling and asked how my night went. He stressed the importance of keeping the compression garments tight especially on my abs. He has a great bedside manner!! So far so good!

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Updated on Jun 10, 2010:

Thursday 6/10/2010 My puncture holes continued to drain throughout the night. The doctor warned me that I would feel sore 24 to 48 hours after the procedure and he was right! I feel like I've been taking body blows with a boxer LOL. I have been moving slowly and people have asked what was wrong – no one but a couple of people knows about my procedure so I just say that I have been working out pretty hard the past couple of days :-). Last night I packed my compression garment with some extra towels to help flatten my belly more and absorb some of the fluid, then I went to bed early. This morning I still feel sore, it took me a minute to roll out of bed but I feel better than yesterday. I showered and the leaking appears to have stopped. I have a total of 13 puncture holes and I put Polysorbin on each spot and covered them with a bandaid. I also found some bruise cream at the drug store and started applying that to my upper ab bruise yesterday. Even with the swelling and flabby skin, I like it so far. Of course I know it can be weeks before I see true results and to know if the procedure really worked, but I like what I see so far. So, fingers crossed!! I put on a panty girdle, packed it with 3 hand towels in the front to help flatten my skin and abs then I put on my compression garment. I will take pictures in the morning to show my 3 day results.

Updated on Jun 11, 2010:

Friday 6/11/2010 I didn't have to take anything for pain yesterday, and this morning when I woke up there was only a little soreness. After my shower this morning I took some pics to show my 3 day progress. Of course there is still swelling and flabby skin – but I can see the results so far.

Updated on Jun 11, 2010:


Updated on Jun 11, 2010:

Sorry if the pictures are fuzzy. I will give another update and take more pics after my 1 week checkup.

Updated on Jun 14, 2010:

Monday 6/14/2010 I felt really great over the weekend I did some cardio and got more active around the house. I decided to take a break from the compression garment for the day om Sunday. But by last night I was sooooo swollen and tender, I put them back on before going to bed. The compression garments REALLY helps with the swelling. I will probably keep them on day and night until the 2 week mark. My follow-up appointment is in the morning. I can't wait to see what the doctor thinks. I still have lumps, but from what I have read on this forum that is normal and it could be any where from 6 weeks to 3 months to see true results. So I am patient.

Updated on Jun 28, 2010:

Monday June 28, 2010 I am approaching the 3 week mark and I have had ALOT of swelling and hardness in the treated areas. Last week I bought a heated, dual head hand massager – it is sooooooo worth it. I paid $30 at Wal-mart and I give myself a 10 minute massage on the lowest setting at night after my shower. It has really helps to break up the hard areas and makes my skin soft and smooth again. I plan to take more progress pics at the 1 month mark!!

Updated on Jul 7, 2010:

Here are my 1 month progress pictures. I still have some hardness and swelling especially around the belly button area, but I am pleased so far.

Updated on Sep 22, 2010:

September 22, 2010 I am adding photos from my 3 month mark. I had my 3 month check-up last week and he said that there was still work that could be done on the abs. At first he said it could be swelling or scar tissue but at the last appointment he felt the remaining fat. My belly was HUGE, so I was really happy with where I was at 3 months from where I started, but I was thinking the area around the belly button was swelling also. He offered to do a re-touch and I REALLY had to think about it. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go through that pain and recovery again. But in the end I decided to take him up on the re-touch offer because I didn't want to regret NOT doing it in the end and I felt like I had already spent alot to get the best results possible and the re-touch offer may not be available 6 months from now. So I had my re-touch Monday and I must say that the pain was not as bad as before. He focused on the abs since my flanks and back look great. He removed an additional 600 CC of FAT from my abs and charged me $850 for the re-touch. So far I have not needed anything for pain and am moving around great. I can see a difference already after only a couple of days. I will post re-touch photo's as I progress month to month. But this will be it, what ever the final results are will be the final results. No more LIPO. :-)

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