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Not Sure
Spent: $6,500 in St. Louis, MO

SURGERY COMING UP SOON…04/09/2010 First let me give you a little history about me…..I’ve always been a small person I’m 5’1 125 lbs,(27 years old) never been over a size 5 but have been as small as a size 0(which I hate) as of now I’m a size 3/4. But I've always had a muffin top belly, no matter how small I’ve been I have never had a flat belly. (I’ve also never worked out regularly either or dieted pretty much eat what I want when I want) I’ve even had people ask me if I was expecting a baby and I have no kids. People always say “oh just do sit ups or chruchs and that little belly a be gone”, that’s so not true, there’s no such thing as spot/target one body part, you would have to lose weigh all over which I cant afford to do, I don’t want to look like Nicole Richey or Lindsey Lohan, for the first time in my life I have hips and I’m Super Excited about them.

After reading this site…i must say i'm getting a little scared and nervous. i dont want to pay all that money and not see results, i understand that it takes months to see results but i just hope this isnt a waste of money.

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Updated on Apr 16, 2010:

Date of Surgery

Went pretty well for the most part, don’t remember the actually procedure itself, only the Doctor asking me to turn over on my sides. The night before I didn’t sleep partly because I’m a night owl and the other I was too excited! So I was out of it during whole procedure and the rest of day pretty much.

Day 2

I stayed with my grandmother (she’s a nurse) so she could take care of me. Didn’t leak to bad or too long only about two days at the most. She was pretty good at changing my pads. I didn’t experience a great deal of pain at all only when getting in and out of bad and we moving around.

Day 3

Pretty much the same. I still hadn’t taken a shower yet, just washed private parts, still not a lot of pain just super uncomfortable.

Day 4 & 5

Was suppose to be taking it easy but found myself doing laundry and other house chores, also took a shower for the first time, still wasn’t in a lot of pain just super uncomfortable. No difference in how I look as if I had NO surgery due to all the swelling trying to be patient and positive.

Day 6

Return to work had a hard time finding something to wear since I can’t have anything tight on my belly and most of my clothes are tight. I don’t own not one t -shirt only fitted

For the most part the whole experience hasn’t been as bad as some of the people made it out to be on this Blog or maybe I just had a great Doctor.

I will keep you’ll posted on my results as soon as I see some. I’m trying my best to not pay attention to the swelling and be patient as possible. One thing I was wondering about is why I’m in a large garment instead of medium or small since I’m a small person but I guess the doctor knows what he’s doing but I’m so tired of wearing this garment anyway and to think I have at least 5 more weeks in this thing. Hope I can take it! My fellow up is next Friday 23rd. Ill is sure to update you’ll and maybe post some pictures

Updated on Jun 22, 2010:

I'm almost due for my 3 month fellow up, and I'm not happy with the results, I'm want a touch up ASAP!!!!!

Updated on Aug 12, 2010:

Getting a touch-up tomorrow 4 months after I got SL, wasnt happy with results going in again I'll let you'll know how it turns out.

Updated on Aug 17, 2010:

so fas so good 3 4 days after touch up ……

Updated on Sep 1, 2010:

Sept 1, 2010… 3 weeks after touch up still swelling dont know if i'm happy with results yet. i might want to get another touch up (my boyfriend is going to kill me)! it does look a little better than before touch up, but i want to be flat like a playboy centerfold or somebody becuase 6500 is not just a little bit of money to me. I'm stating to think my doctor might be purposly not taking enough fat so i can keep coming back

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