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Smartlipo on Lower Abdomen and Flanks

Worth It
Spent: $3,250 in Lutz, FL

Hello, I am a 20 yr old female, 5'5" and 130 pounds. I work out 3 or more times a week, and most of the time that involves running. I am in pretty good shape besides this pouch on my lower belly. I have had it forever, and everyone in my family has it. No matter what I do, it will not go away!

I first was looking into mesotherapy, but after reading the scary reviews and satisfaction rate, I decided against it. I then looked at Smartlipo and have been researching it ever since. I have read every single review of Smartlipo on this site. There have been a few scary stories (hardness/lumps, cellulite??) but overall it seems much better than meso. I will of course "shop around" before I choose a doctor.

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I have a consultation tomorrow (4/2/10) with a doctor I found. Below are some pictures of my situation, so you know what I'm dealing with. Please give me your feedback/input/personal experiences/opinions. Thank you!!

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Updated on May 19, 2010:

I have read every single Smartlipo review on this site and it helped me come to my decision to get this done. After looking for a good smartlipo doctor and visiting a few, I finally chose a medspa in Lutz, FL. I liked them because they only schedule one procedure a day, so they are not rushing your experience for the next customer. They were very thorough with answering all of my questions and really made me feel comfortable.

I decided to go with them, had me pre-op on May 10, and had my smartlipo done today (5/19/10). They had prescribed me antibiotics which I have been taking 2 days before and 2 days after my procedure. They also gave me a percocet and 2 ativan to take before heading over. (Someone else drove). When I got there I was given more drugs to relax me. I changed into the beautiful paper shorts and the sports bra I brought. I laid down on the table in the room, feeling very sleepy. I had brought a movie since there was a TV in the room that they were going to put on when they started. First the doctors marked me up while I was standing, (I was a little wobbly from the medicines, so I needed a little help). Then pictures were taken.

They started by injecting me with the numbing stuff and saline, which did pinch a little. After that they made the 4 incisions, but I didn't feel them since I was numb. Then they just started working the laser and sucking the fat out. Anytime it would start to pinch or get uncomfortable the nurse would watch my face and ask if I was ok, and if I wasn't they would inject more numbing solution. After that, I was fine. The turned me to my sides to do my flanks, then did some last little touching up. My nurse asked me to sit up so she could bandage me, but I felt a little dizzy so I just arched my back. Then she wanted me to sit up and eat a little bit and drink some sprite since my face was turning kind of white. (they asked me beforehand what i wanted to eat and even accommodated to my vegetarian diet by making me a PB&J!) After that my mom had come back to take me home and I was allowed to leave. I was very sleepy on the drive home and went immediately to bed. Have changed one of my absorbent pads since I've been home.

As for the pain, so far I am not feeling too much. I took some tylenol but it is starting to wear off. It feels like I am sore from an ab workout and where my incisions are it feels like it is a sore bellybutton piercing (I have had mine pierced a few times). So far, so good I would have to say. Can't really see any results because I am so wrapped up and swollen with the bandages and compression garment. Will post after pictures as soon as I can.

Updated on Jun 14, 2010:

I'll pretty much outline how the days after my procedure went. The 2 days after it were pretty painful. He prescribed me painkillers but they were milder than extra strength tylenol, so I took that every 4 hours. I stayed in bed or on the couch for a few days. I only took off 3 days from work, the day of the procedure and then 2 days after. I wish I had taken off more days because I was still in a little bit of pain. Luckily I got other people to cover my shifts and finally went back to work a week after my procedure. I had my procedure Wednesday and stopped draining by Saturday. I was even laying by the pool on Thurs. The garment I had to wear was kind of annoying, especially at night. My 3 weeks was June 9 and I am finally out of the garment. Yay! I have been getting ultrasounds every week. I'll update with any new info/pics.

Updated on Jun 27, 2010:

The newest pictures are from 4.5 weeks.

Updated on Aug 14, 2010:

Newest pic in white bikini is from almost 3 months post the skin tightening should begin! :) :) :)

Updated on Sep 18, 2010:

I'm about 4 months post op and so happy with the results! Skin tightening hasn't really started yet, but I can't wait to see the final results :)

Updated on 19 Dec 2010:

Well it has been 7 months since my procedure and I am so happy with the results! I can wear clothes I have never been able to wear and feel so much more confident. However, I do still have a small pocket of fat left in my "pouch" that makes me self-conscious. I talked to my doctor and they are going to do a touch-up for free :) I will probably have this done late January. I'm really excited and I hope that makes it go away for good! I also posted new pics from 7 months post-op.

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