Getting any weight loss procedure is a big decision in your life. Making sure you have done your research about laser liposuction is key. Here are resources for you.

SmartLipo of Entire Abs, Flanks, and Bra Line

Worth It
Spent: $5,400 in Leesburg

After months of using this site I went to meet with some doctors in my area. I decided on one pretty close to me because i liked his personality and office. He is also a board certified plastic surgeon with lots od smartliop experience. (He also had good reviews on realself a big plus) I will write a new review after my procedure June 24th, have my preop June 15th. I will take some pictures on my own soon and add them to this review. Just looking for some words of encouragement and tips for best results. I'm a pediatric nurse 23, 5'5'' 130 pounds. My stomach has been the bain of my existence after years of yo-yo dieting and disordered eating I've been trying to get recovered for the last year. In the process of recovering came a good 20 pounds and like always just in the waist. I believe I can truley accept a healthy frame on me if i can just look proportional. I will update along the way thanks for all the ideas and support so far!

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Updated on Jun 13, 2010:

Silly thing to add but since my BF is totally not on board with this ( He thinks any cosmetic procedure is unecessary no matter what) I really appreciate the camaraderie here.

Updated on Jul 12, 2010:

Here are my before pictures. I'm almost 3 weeks out now going to get pics taken soon.

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