Getting any weight loss procedure is a big decision in your life. Making sure you have done your research about laser liposuction is key. Here are resources for you.

Smartlipo MPX™ Laser by Cynosure: Information for Laser Lipo Physicians

Laser body sculpting and contouring workstation with Smartlipo MPX™

The Smartlipo MPX™ laser procedure can be used to treat numerous areas all over the body, including the abdomen, back, breasts, arms, neck, jowls, chin, hips, thighs, knees, and more.

Wavelength and Power of Smartlipo MPX™

This unique Smartlipo™ system utilizes 1319 and 1064 source filters and also implements a power combination of wavelengths which is perfect for use with lipolysis procedures. The 1064 nm wavelength is able to actually improve the tone of the skin as well as concentrate blood vessels and heat the skin up gradually. Water which is located in the dermal collagen is affected with the 1319 nm wavelength, thereby tightening the skin and keeping it from becoming loose. This is a common problem with a lot of traditional liposuction procedures and it can easily be remedied by using the latter wavelength in a lipolysis procedure. When used together, both of these wavelengths make for a very powerful weight loss treatment which will leave the patient with remarkable results.

The 1064 nm laser has a maximum overall output of 20 w and the 1319 nm laser has a maximum output of 12 w. When they are combined they can be used to remove fat deposits more efficiently than almost any other method that exists today.

FDA Approval for Smartlipo MPX™

The Smartlipo MPX™ laser is approved by the FDA.

Delivery Mechanism

This Smartlipo™ procedure utilizes a 600 µm fiber and can be configured for use with the SmartSense™ system. Each time the handpiece stops moving the laser stops and then begins again when the handpiece starts moving. This is just one of the many advanced features which this laser technology has to offer.


Smartlipo MPX

Smartlipo MPX



The Smartlipo MPX™ technology is ideal for fat removal all over the body and is able to treat localized areas as well. You will be able to look at the table below for specific details on technical information relating to these procedures so you can learn as much as possible about how they work to remove fat and why they are so very effective.


Smartlipo MPX™ Specifications


Smartlipo MPX™

Source Filter

Nd:YAG 1064 nm
Nd:YAG 1319 nm


20 W
12 W

Pulse Duration

150 µsec
212 µsec

Aiming Beam


Repetition Rate

40 Hz


600 µm

SmartSense™ Enabled


Once you review the above-listed information, you will be able to compare the The Smartlipo MPX™ system with other types of laser technology in the comparison table.

Those physicians who want to learn more about laser liposuction will be able to benefit from this information. You will want to take a look at the Laser Lipo Training and remember to contact us with regards to putting a listing of yours in our directory. See the Adding Listing section to get started with this.

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