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Smartlipo™ Laser by Cynosure: Information for Laser Lipo Physicians

SmartLipo: Laser body sculpting and contouring workstation

Smartlipo™ is a procedure for those who need excess fat removed and it is completely non-invasive which is part of what makes it so safe and popular among so many different people. A laser is used to dissolve the fatty tissue inside the body in certain areas, focusing the energy in such a way as to be able to drain it out in liquid form. This can result in a better more toned and tighter overall appearance which is essentially what every woman wants.

Another one of the reasons that so many people opt for this method of liposuction is because it only requires a local anesthetic, as opposed to most other traditional liposuction procedures which require a general anesthetic to be administered. This method of liposuction can be applied to the back, buttocks, hips, thighs, knees, abdomen, and many other areas of the body.

SmartLipo’s Wavelength and Power

The Smartlipo™ procedure utilizes a powerful and effective 1064 nm laser which is able to focus on very specific areas of the body to remove fat deposits while it seals shut blood vessels to prevent bleeding problems which can be common with other types of lipo procedures. The fact that it slowly heats the skin also makes it ideal for those who do not want to have to deal with loose saggy skin after the procedure has been completed.

You will find that there are three different Smartlipo™ machine models which can be used, including those which operate at 6, 12, and 18 watts. The fewer the watts the less expensive the procedure tends to be for the patient and the more watts which are used the more expensive it is because of its effectiveness. These lasers use highly sophisticated technology to remove fat deposits while reducing the risks which are usually associated with more traditional liposuction procedures.

SmartLipo’s FDA Approval

The kind of laser which is used in Smartlipo™ procedures has been approved by the FDA and is therefore safe for those who wish to lose weight without all of the risks to their health. It can be used for fast and effective dissolution of fat and tumescent liposuction as well.

The SmartLipo Procedure

Before the actual procedure is started, a local anesthetic is administered to the patient and the areas which are going to be treated are marked accordingly. With the use of a relatively small handheld device, the Smartlipo™ laser is able to target fat cells in specific parts of the body by getting underneath the surface of the skin. The fat inside the body is essentially liquefied after it is broken down by the powerful laser. The unique laser technology which is used promotes the production of collagen, which means that the skin in the areas which have been treated does not dry out or become loose at all.

Benefits of SmartLipo

The laser which is used in the Smartlipo™ procedure has a 1064 wavelength which means that it is able to specifically target the red blood cells and cut down on the amount of blood loss. With the burst of energy that is created by the technology that this procedure utilizes, the fat can easily be suctioned out without significant trauma to the patient’s body. One of the primary problems with traditional liposuction is the fact that it causes too much bruising and bleeding inside the body because of the metal rod that is inserted. This is not the case with the Smartlipo™ procedure.

When you undergo a Smartlipo™ procedure, you will be able to go back to all of the normal activities you usually do within a matter of days, sometimes weeks. The amount of time recovering depends on the area you have done and the surgeon who is performing the procedure.





SmartLipo’s Delivery Mechanism

The 300 um fiber which the Smartlipo™ utilizes is especially good at what it does, which is delivering a significant burst of energy to the fat cells within the body, effectively rupturing them so that they can be sucked out in liquid form with a very small tube called a cannula.


Because of how powerful the Smartlipo™ laser is, it can be used to effectively treat excessive fat and cellulite. It is ideal for smaller fat deposits in parts of the body like the chin, jowls, and neck. This means that a lot of different people will be able to get the work they need done to feel better about their bodies.

See the specification table below for technical information about Smart Lipo. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


Smartlipo™ Specifications



Source Filter

Nd:YAG 1064 nm


6, 12, & 18 W models

Pulse Duration

150, 200, & 250 µsec

Aiming Beam

Diode 3 mW, 635 nm

Repetition Rate

40 Hz


300 µm

SmartSense™ Enabled





You can compare the SmartLipo™ workstation with other lasers in our laser comparison table.

The Smartlipo™ procedure is by far one of the best liposuction options that you have today. It can offer you the best results without all the downtime and trauma to your body. With this type of procedure there is a very minimal amount of pain and a fast recovery period which won’t keep you out of commission for very long.

Those who are interested in getting the Smartlipo™ procedure done will definitely need to seek out help from the best surgeon around, because you do not want to take any chances with the time and money you invest in something like this, as well as your own health.

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