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Smartlipo (Inner/outer Thigh, Knee): Loving It So Far!

Worth It
Spent: $4,250 in memphis, tn

I am a petite 5.1″ at 115lbs at time of the procedure.
After having my twins, I went from 100lbs to the 115lbs that I am now. Most all of this weight went to my thighs and a little to the hips and tummy area. My legs did not use to touch when I walked. lol
Now, thanks to Dr. Kemp, they don’t anymore.
I am only 2 days post op and still have some swelling, but I can tell a big difference.
For me, the pain on the outer thighs was not more than I anticipated. The inner thighs……OUCH! There were times that I wanted to come off of the table. Of course, I wanted quite a bit removed, and he had to go over the very top portion between 2-4 times to achieve the results. Had I only needed a very small amount of bulge removed, the pain would have been less. As it was, I wanted a completely slimmer leg (from top thigh to inner knee) This required not only that regular fat patch from the top inner thigh to be removed, but also an additional layer below that, so that it blended well. (at least thats the way that I preceive it)
I got sick after he was done -due to the meds- and the first night was very uncomfortable. I took an extra day in bed and just started to move around today. I can now bend my knees and I can walk with minimum discomfort. Also, going from the ace bandages to my pressure garment gave me a significant amount of relief. I have some swelling, but really don’t have any bruising yet. Which is a big surprise, considering how easy I bruise. I will try to update results over the next few months.

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