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Smart Lipo Was Definately Worth It – Westminster, CA

Worth It
Spent: $4,000 in Westminster, CA

i am 20 years old 5'5 and 165 pounds. i had tumescent lipo suction done awhile ago but was not happy with the results because i ended up with alot of lumps and bumps. my back rolls were still present and i had ALOT of loose skin around the abdomin.

so i saved money and after researching i wanted to do smart lipo. i ended up booking an appointment for lipo in the abdomen area, back rolls. side, love handles and the top abdomen.

i was under anesthetic because after my painful experience with tumescent i didn't want to be awake for anything.

after the procedure. i was in discomfort and pain, which was expected. it was hard to sleep.

i am currently on my fourth day and already planning to go back to work tomorrow.

i came back for the pre op yesterday and was happpy with the results.

my back rolls and any fat on my back is COMPLETELY gone. i didn't have much bruising whatsoever. the doctor did i real splendid job on my smart lipo. my stomach is still alittle bruised and tender but once it goes down. i will be getting much better results then i already have. alot of my LOOSE skin is healed and looks so much better. it looks much tighter and compressed.

i've been wearing the garment which is a pain in the butt but.

NO PAIN NO GAIN. i can't wait for everything to fully heal so i can see the FINAL RESULTS.

i'm very happy with the current results.

and very glad i chose the doctor i did.

i will update with pictures.

and before youtube videos of my smart lipo.

will keep you all informed.

here is my doctor for those around the OC area and are debating on a doctor.


{by Britt please PM for more info}

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