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Smart Lipo on Lower Abs and Flanks, 2nd Day and Feeling Good. Procedure Was Not As I Expecter

Worth It
Spent: $3,800 in Vienna, VA

I am on my second day of laser lipo on lower abs and flanks. I work out regularly and eat healthy, but could not get rid of these areas.I was very anxious the day of surgery. My doctor and his staff were wonderful, caring and very informative throughout the process. Got on Adavan to help me relax, an another half hour later. Then a talk with my Doctor and onto the bed. On a scale of 1 to 10 the pain was a 2 maybe. The procedure took about 3 hours, but really no severe pain, just some pushing and tugging and more pressure than anything else. You need a ride home though. Very tired when I got home and went to sleep right away. Slept well through the night.I am wearing the garment now and was advised that when I take it off to try to have somebody to help me and do it very, very slowly as to not get nauseated.Still no major pain. After reading a lot of the reviews I expected much more discomfort, but of course every one is different. I will try to upload some before and after pics in a while. So far so good….

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Updated on Mar 19, 2010:

Update today is March 19 three days postsurgery and I am doing good. There was little draining and I took of my garment and washed it this morning. Felt good to take it off, can become very itchy at times.Had my first check up with my doctor and he is very pleased with the healing process. He did tell me to keep on wearing my garment and after a week for 12 hours, at night, would be good. He also advised me to not wear anything with an elastic, even underwear, as it may cause a permanent indentation in the skin.Hanky Panky makes great panties for this kind of thing. Got myself three of them in nice spring colors. So far I am loving my results and although I am still swollen, there is very little brusing, I can see my "new" shape forming.Will keep you updated….

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