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Smart Lipo on Chin, Jawline, Upper/Lowers Abs, and Flanks – Tokyo

Worth It
Spent: $4,740 in Tokyo, Japan

I had Smart Lipo on 9/9/2010 in Tokyo Japan. I am 41 yrs old and have 1 baby by c-section 2 1/2 yrs ago. Since I was having my chin done, my dr used twilight sedation. I was asleep comfortably for the entire procedure. I didn't take any medication before the surgery, but after was given Dasen (anti-inflammatory), Kefral (antibiotic), and Loxonin(pain). My incisions were closed with stitches and my abs were taped. My husband picked me up after the surgery and I was able to walk to the parking and to the house right to bed. I am a side sleeper, so what hurt the most was my back from having to sleep on it. I took the pain pills for my back not my lipo!

I was very bruised on my flanks and honestly I have had the most pain and lumps there. I did have some bruising on my neck and face, which went away quickly. I did start taking Arnica after the surgery on my own.

I have had some swelling, but nothing like described by many people. My belly has stayed flat the majority of the time and I have never had swelling that would make me look as large or larger than I was pre-op. I started taking Bromelain, although I'm not sure it doesn't anything. I also drink lemon water throughout the day. Since my incisions were closed, I didn't have any draining or swelling due to not draining.

I removed the tape on the third day and had my first shower. I did get light-headed and had cold sweats while trying to get the tape off…it was hard work to get it all off!

My Dr. does ultrasound massages starting 1 week post-op. The massages seem to help with the tightness and lumps. It also felt great afterward. I ended up buying a personal ultrasonic massager, which I use once a day on my abs and face.

So far, I have lost 7 lbs and 3 1/2 inches in my waist. I do workout with a trainer doing strength-training two days a week and I try to do cardio (Zumba or elliptical) 2 times a week. I also have just started yoga once week.

I have to say that my abs are not perfect. I have lumps and I am uneven. I think I will probably have to have a revision to the left side by my belly button. I also have a big crease over my belly button. It didn't appear until after 2 weeks and I think it is due to sitting/slumping. I hope that is will relax, but I don't know at this point. My Dr thinks it will. I do continue to wear my compression garment. I have a Design Veronique garment, which is really comfortable for me. I have ordered a smaller one, since I think the ones I have are getting loser.

My chin is a major improvement. I still wear my compression garment at night, although my dr said I only had to wear it one month. My incisions were behind my ears and are barely noticeable now.

Emotionally, I have had ups and downs. I knew it was normal to feel down or have regrets at some point, but still I couldn't fight it. The hardest part is just not knowing if the lumpiness is going to go away…not knowing when or if a great end result is going to happen.

At this point, 6 weeks, I'm still healing, working out, and trying to eat well.

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