Getting any weight loss procedure is a big decision in your life. Making sure you have done your research about laser liposuction is key. Here are resources for you.

SlimLipo™ Laser by Palomar, Information for Physicians

Laser body sculpting with continuous, dual wavelengths and specialized delivery with SlimLipo™

With the use of SlimLipo™ lipolysis, those who are overweight will be able to have fat deposits removed from a variety of areas, including the abdomen, hips, thighs, and buttocks. This specific procedure comes with minimal risks and a lot of benefits.

Wavelength and Power of SlimLipo™

The SlimLipo™ system is used in combination with the Aspire® Platform which was designed by Palomar. The wavelength which this particular system utilizes consists of 924 nm and 975 nm. With a dual wavelength of 975 nm and 924 nm, this system is extremely powerful and able to target fatty tissues throughout the body which the patient wants removed. The dermal water is specifically targeted by the 975 wavelength and it is used to remove fat as well as tighten skin, so there will be no loose parts like with some traditional liposuction procedures. Because of the unique wavelength combination that this laser technology utilizes, the recovery time for the patient is kept to an absolute minimum.

The maximum amount of wattage for this particular laser is 40 with a 24 watt model also available to physicians. There is a continuous (θ) pulse with this laser.

FDA Approval for SlimLipo™

The SlimLipo™ laser is approved by the FDA.

Delivery Mechanism

Using a 1.5 mm fiber, the SlimLipo™ expands the possibilities for those who want to drop as much weight as possible by having fat removed from certain areas of their body. With the unique laser lipolysis procedure it is easier than ever to literally dissolve fat and make it so that it comes out easily and without causing any physical trauma to the patient. The tip of the laser is able to move rather easily throughout even high fibrous areas, making it easier for the physician to do their job.







Part of what makes the SlimLipo™ so popular is the fact that it is an effect fat-removal tool as well as for skin tightening, because the latter is a problem which a lot of people who have gotten liposuction in the past know a little bit too well. You will be able to look at the table below when referencing technical information relating to the SlimLipo™. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


SlimLipo™ Specifications



Source Filter

diode 924 nm
diode 975 nm


40 W
24 W

Pulse Width

θ pulse

Aiming Beam



1.5 mm

With the help of this laser comparison table, you will be able to look at the differences and similarities between the SlimLipo™ and other lipo lasers.

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