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Nervous – Illinois

Not Worth It
Spent: $7,500 in Glenview, IL

I work as a model, I get paid for my appearance – I need extra help in problem areas.

I'm having my first surgery (and it's cosmetic, shame on me) ever with my Dr. next week and I am a bit nervous because I have read the horror stories on SmartLipo procedures.

I am in my midtwenties, I am 5'5 and 125lbs. I actually work as a model but I am of course always under the pressure to look perfect so I am hoping that he will help me fix my problem spots.

I am having my abdomen and flanks smartlipo'ed and a fat transfer to my buttocks to make it more fuller. Although, I did read today that fat trasfers shouldn't take place with smartlipo because smart lipo damages the fat and it is no longer considered "living fat" therefore it shouldn't be transplanted because you'll see poor results from it, so I am going to ask about this.

I am very nervous. I feel like I look good now but I think this could make me look better but … it could also make me look worse.

I'll keep everyone updated through my recovery and progress. Hopefully, my Dr. will be able to perform his duties as a doctor and not be like every car sales plastic surgeon I've ever seen. I want to recommend him and I want to tell you it'll be worth the whole $7,500 I'm about to spend on it – we'll find out very soon..

wish me luck.

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