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My Smartlipo Appointment is Just Around the Corner (Flanks and Lower Abs)

Worth It
Spent: $6,000 in Colorado Springs, CO

I had my consult this past Monday 3/15/2010. The doctor and staff were very professional. My surgery is scheduled on 4/2/2010.I’m a little bit nervous after reading some of these reviews. I really hope I get the results I’m wanting. I’m getting my lower abs and flanks done.I’ll post before and after pics after I get the procedure done and let you all know how it goes for me. Wish me luck!

Updated on Mar 30, 2010:

 So the week has finally arrived and I am getting more nervous as the day gets closer.  I’m hoping for a fast recovery and great results. AHHH!

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Updated on Apr 4, 2010:

Updated on Apr 5, 2010:

 Okay, now that I have some free time, I will tell you all about how my procedure went:
First of all, I’m not going to lie, I was nervous about getting this procedure done after reading some reviews on this site. The day finally came (4/2/10) …. The first thing the doctor did was take my pre-op photos, then he drew on my abdomen, flanks, and back.  Then he had me take a percocet (pain killer). Afterwards, his assistant took me to this back room where she rubbed this warm lamp looking thing over my stomach, flanks, and back to warm up the cells. She said this helps the doctor go in easier. It felt really good… like a massage. 
It really helped calm me the fact that his assistant also had this procedure done by him. She was very honest. She told me that it’s not a pain-free procedure, but it’s also not too painful. So in other words, it will hurt a little, but not a lot. After that, she walked me into the surgery suite where she cleaned me up with a solution around my stomach, flanks, and back. I then layed down on the surgery table where the doctor started to drape me. There was no turning back now!
The doctor and his assistant were so kind. They made me feel so comfortable. The doctor asked me what kind of music I liked and he would play it during the procedure. I told him that he should choose since he’s the one doing the procedure. ha. And the best part was that my husband was able to be with me during the entire procedure! He sat right behind me. 
So the first thing the doctor did was inject me with lidocaine (numbing stuff) and I didn’t  even feel the needle go in. Then he made 2 incisions above my pubic area where he then placed in two ports so he can put his instruments through. The first cannula he used was this metal looking rod. I don’t know what it’s called, but I’m pretty sure this is how he put in all the numbing cream in and the saline as well. The saline will bloat you up as if you were pregnant. While he did that he had this vibrating probe on me while he was numbing me up with the cream and inserting saline. This was a little uncomfortable because it made this awful noise that apparently only I could hear. It sounded like a hearing aide was going off. He said only I could hear it bc it’s in my body. Sometimes this cannula or whatever it was called, would pinch me inside, but it’s a quick pinch and thats all. Nothing too painful. 
After my fat cells were separated and all, he got the suction cannula and started suctioning it all out. This didn’t hurt at all. It tickled more than anything. And his assistant would massage my arms during this procedure to relax me. She was also very kind. After the suctioning, came the laser where the doctor would burn the fat cells in me. This doesn’t hurt either. 
Then he had me roll onto my stomach while he did the same thing to my flanks/back. He also made 2 incision (1 in each outer thigh) and one right above my but crack. Total of 5. And the same process was repeated.
All in all, it took 5 hours to complete. About 1900 cc’s of fat was taken out (2 suction cups were about full). 
Getting up from the surgery table was probably the hardest part. I think it was hard for me bc I didn’t eat breakfast and I took a painkiller before the procedure so I did feel nauseous and I was light headed, weak, dizzy, blurry vision. So the doctor immediately laid me back down and raised me legs. He then checked my pulse which was low. He had me lay there for a while and he got me some pretzyls, nutrition bar, and water. That helped a lot. Finally I was able to get up and the doctor and his assistant helped me into my spanx, which by the way, buy the one that un-do from the bottom! He had placed maxi-pads over my incisions for drainage.
My doctor sent me home with a bag of maxi-pads (for drainage), bacitracin to go over my incisions, and arni-care for bruising, as well as, drapes to sleep on. 
I wasn’t really in any pain. I took the day easy like my doctor told me to, as well, as the following day. 
Day 2: I was really sore. Mostly around my back. My doctor told me that him and I were going to have this love/hate relationship between each other. lol. He said the day after the surgery I’d love the way I look. Then the next couple of days or weeks, the swelling and bruising will come and I’d hate him. Also, I didn’t have much of an appetite…which isn’t a bad thing, right?
Day 3: Back is still really sore. I’ve been having my husband massage it about twice a day. No bruising yet, but the swelling has arrived. Still, no appetite.
Day 4: Very tender and sore around my low abdomen/flanks/back. Starting to swell more. No bruising yet. I have been taking the pain killers. They’ve helped with the soreness and with sleep. And yet, no appetite.
I also asked when can I start running and he said not for another month because he doesn’t want any pounding. But walking was okay! So I walk everyday to get my muscles going.
I hope my experience has helped many of you. Every body is different. 

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