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My Recovery from SmartLipo for Extra Skin and Abdominal Ponch

Worth It
Spent: $3,000 in Edmonton, AB

I'm 48yrs old, slim at 122lbs, 5'1". I've had 4 children over the course of 26yrs; my last two after 31yrs old. My 1st two babies were LARGE and I had extra skin and a ponch that was bugging me. At 48yrs old, love handles and ponch getting worse. So…I did smartlipo 2 wks ago.

I didn't find the procedure very painful until the sculpting part started. Then it got worse, I received more 'drugs' and my blood pressure dropped VERY low and I don't remember anything after that till I woke up. I had to stay a couple hours extra because of my blood pressure issue.

The idea of returning to work the day after is ludicrous and I can't believe people do it. I have a high pain tolerance, but glad I took time off. The burning and discomfort is worse then the medical sites let on. I had significant bruising and fluid build up. This got much worse a week later and concerned, my doc gave me anti-inflammatories, diruetics and antibiotics. This helped significantly.

I have small little lumps that have formed and my belly button looks like an anus its so constricted. My GF had this done too 8mths ago and she said hers did the same thing and at the 2mth mark, she noted significant improvement in that regard. I don't know why, but I intuitively started massage on my own and do it every day. After reading this site, I see that this will help.

I'm hopeful I'll be happy with the results. My ponch is gone, but the hopes of wearing a bikini are tainted with this cellulite look and tightness of my belly button. I had a smooth belly with no stretch marks and this looks awful to me. Ya, in clothes the ponch and waist are smaller, but I was semi-comfortable in a bikini prior to this procedure and hope I will be again in a few months.

I'm still experiencing some discomfort to the touch, but all in all after 2 weeks the pain has subsided considerably. Hoping for great results at the 3 mth mark.

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Updated on Jun 25, 2010:

Had the touch up June 9th. Added photos from the Day after and then a couple weeks later. Much more bruising, but not near as painful afterwards. Some swelling still by end of day if I don't wear spanx. But still wear them at night for sure. I think I'm going to be much more pleased with the results. Time will tell!

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