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LipoControl™ Laser by Osyris: Information for Laser Lipo Physicians

Body sculpting and contouring workstation with on-screen electronic mapping during LipoControl

There are many different parts of the body that can be treated with LipoControl™, including the thighs, knees, hips, arms, chin, abdomen, and jowls. This treatment option from Osyris Medical USA is starting to grow dramatically in popularity with many people.

Wavelength and Power of LipoControl

One of the reasons that LipoControl™ is beginning to be so popular is because of the fact that it uses a very powerful 980nm source filter which is able to reach a maximum wattage of 25 and produces a continuous wave which makes it even more effective. Another great thing about the LipoControl™ technology is that physicians will be able to customize treatment for their patients by adjusting the power accordingly. Six watts for example can treat areas like the arms, chin and knees, while 15 watts is able to treat larger areas such as the thighs, buttocks, and hips.

With a 98- diode laser that has been tested rigorously multiple times, it is able to treatment patients effectively without putting their health at risk in the process.

Electronic Mapping with Automatic Power Adjustment

The on-screen energy mapping for display of heat and energy distribution is definitely something else that the LipoControl™ has going for it. These distribution displays are shown in real time and the laser will automatically adjust according to how the cannula moves, making it as safe a procedure s possible. When the cannula accelerates, the laser detects this and increases. Conversely, the power of the laser begins to decrease when the cannula stops moving or slows down.

The laser is actually able to map the treatment area in order to help out the physician who is performing the procedure as well as keeping the patient safe. The physician is able to manually define the boundaries of the treatment area perimeter and the laser will stay within it without deviating in the slightest






FDA Approval

The LipoControl laser is currently pending FDA approval.

Delivery Mechanism of LipoControl

The LipoControl™ laser utilizes a 600 µm fiber and with its unique design offers only the best most accurate results for patients.


The fact that the LipoControl™ uses electronic mapping to help the physician who is performing the procedure out only adds to its usefulness in these types of surgeries. It uses a 98 nm diode laser which can provide a maximum of 25 watts for great power and safe results.

See the specifications tables below for technical information. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

LipoControl™ Specifications



Source Filter

diode 980 nm


25 W

Pulse Duration

θ (continuous)

Aiming Beam

red diode


600 µm

Electronic Mapping


Automatic Power Adjustment


You will be able to compare the LipoControl™ with similar lasers using the laser comparison table above.

Laser lipo physicians should learn all they can about this emerging technology and what it means for cosmetic liposuction procedures as a whole. You will be able to go to the Laser Lipo Training page to learn more. You can also contact us about putting your listing in our directory by going to Add Listing.

Patients will be able to use all of the appropriate menu functions to find the right LipoControl™ laser lipo surgeon in their area.

One Response to LipoControl™ Laser by Osyris: Information for Laser Lipo Physicians

  1. Dr Kenny Anderson says:

    Lipocontrol really has some great properties. The specific wavelength gives Lipocontrol amazin efficacy while the option for treating multiple areas at the same moment is really helpful!
    Among the top options, to my opinion

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