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Had Lipo – 5’6″, 141lb

Worth It
Spent: $1,990 in La Jolla, CA

So I just has my procedure done yester day May 18th Tues., its now Wed. I couldnt sleep cuz I can lay on my side…:( I'm just being a big baby though. The procedure went great over-all. I'm still leaking alot out of little holes but that is normal and good. I keep massaging when I remember to get fluid out to make swelling go down faster. Ihave work in am and I hope to stop leaking by then.

So my Dr. was very very nice, calmed me down before and after. I was such a baby he gave me laughing gas to help me relax and for the pain. I have had a baby removed from my tummy so this didnt even come close to that pain. My eyes did water and for a minute or so I moaned but he always numbed me after I said I could feel it or turn up my gas. The removing the fat part didnt hurt at all, it was the numbing medicine that gave you that burned and the fluid with more numbing medicine that they filled you with that hurted. But it didnt last that long. If I dont loose my tummy weight I'll go back and have my lower tummy done…:) Once you know what to expect its not to bad. I have my inner and outter thighs done and a lil below my bottom. The price was great, I got a grat deal cuz I didnt have such a large area.

I'm 5.6 and I was 150 dieted b4 surgery, was 141.6 the day I went into surgery. I saw them take out a lil over 3 pounds of fat the nurse said…It looked gross…lol. glad its out of me. I was able to eat lunch after surgery. are a little sore right now but I need to take my antibiotic and pain medicine. I just woke up. It just feels like I had a work out session. I still walk, the only uncomfertable part is weraing this garmet cuz its wet from the leaking and I hate being wet. But again I'm just a wimp about everything.

I'll try and post my before pictures and later today when I can change my bandages I'll take a after photo and post that too. Blogs relly helped my in making my decision…I hope this is helpful for someone else too. :)

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