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Derm Exclusive Overview

When we get older there always comes a time when we are searching for products to make us look younger. Sometimes those products do not work or we do not follow through with them, so eventually we look to surgery. Surgery is a great thing, but it has its’ downfalls as well. I have seen people have lipo surgery and have some great results and I have seen some with bad results. More good then bad, but the possibility is there.

So with that being said there are certain people who will never opt for surgery just for the simple fact that there is a chance of something bad going on . Face lifts are a common surgery that can give people a nice 5-10 year reverse on their face. Again some people look great after a facelift and some people look like well… they had a face lift.


We have been looking at Derm Exclusive and wanted to show you this Derm Exclusive Review and get your thoughts on it.  This product is non evasive meaning no surgery. Just a simple regimen to follow. In fact watch this video to see how it is actually used.

As you can see it is pretty straight forward and very easy to follow. How about that Fill & Freeze. Pretty cool.

Here are the basic essentials to Derm Exclusive

  • Fill & Freeze Wrinkle Treatment
  • Micro Peel Resurfacing Pads
  • Intensive Repair Serum
  • Collagen Lift
  • Facial Cleansers
  • Age Defense Moisturizer SPF 30
  • Volume Lip Therapy SPF 15

Some Awesome Ingredients

  • Argireline and Myoxinol: 
    Powerful peptides that help relax facial muscles to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by repeated facial movements
  • Matrixyl 3000: 
    Helps promote collagen production and stimulates the skin to restore itself naturally, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by decreasing their volume and depth
  • Glycolic Acid:
    Sweeps away dead skin cells to reveal clear, even, and radiant skin tone
  • Ultrasomes:
    Enzymes that speed up your skin’s natural repair process to help reduce everyday sun damage
  • Collaxyl:
    Boosts collagen production and helps to prevent sagging, while also reducing the appearance of wrinkles

At the end of the day why would you not try a system like this rather then spending $1,000’s of dollars on a face lift. Again there have been many successful face lifts, but I would also try a more non evasive approach the first time.

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