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I am very concerned about the contour of my skin after having lipo under my chin. I am 39 and just wanted a small amount taken out, but the doctor told me he was aggresive because he wanted me to have a really good result.

Anyway, my problem is that my skin is stuck to my bone it looks like and that’s what he told me. This week will be week 3 and my doctor, who I do think is great by the way, told me that ultrasound may help and to massage the area. From what I have read I know that bumps under the skin are normal and will go away, which I have too, I am just very worried about the major uneveness. It actually looks like I have incision lines under my chin. I want to know what I can do to make this better or go away and I want to know if it will get better. I wore the chin strap for about a week and when I took it off my chin and neck looked beautiful but now I think I look like a burn victim.

How to improve skin sticking to bone after under chin lipo and will it get better (I’m 3 weeks post-op)?

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