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Be Prepared – Abs, Flanks, Inner Thighs

Worth It
Spent: $6,600 in Lincoln, NE

Had abs, flanks & inner thighs done 4-15-10. It's now 4-17-10. Here's the scoop.

Drink lots of water everyday for a couple weeks pre-op and take the Arnica as directed (I'm not bruising much.) Cut back on salt. Day of- make sure to wear DARK colored sweats. You will be leaking bloody fluid like a sieve when you are done at the dr office. I had this done in a different city and had to return to a hotel. Believe me you wouldn't want to walk in there with blood soaked clothing on!

As for the procedure, I took 2 Darvacet at 8am. My appt was at 9, procedures began at 9:30. About 9am they game me valium. I was pretty relaxed by the time the procedure began. I can't even describe the way it all feels. The shots sting a little, the numbing fluid they put into you feels wierd, the laser was the least strange feeling, and the suctioning really hurt in certain areas. Like a really hard pinching. But when it was done it was done. no lasting pain, but it would take you by surprise. I think my thighs were the most painful. Anyway my 4 areas took about 3 hours to do. When they stand you up from the table when you are finished, fluid will just pour out of you onto the floor. I had 12 incisions in all. They will put bandages and dressings on the incisions, then get you into your compression garment. It will be immediately soaked! I would recommend wearing a rain suit home if you have one. If not- remember to wear DARK colored sweat suit.

I really was not in any pain. The nurse took me back to my hotel and said I would be better off to just not wear any clothes, just the compression garment. So that's what I did. The dr. office bave me a bunch of blue pads to use to cover chairs, etc with. I had also taken a plastic shower curtain liner to cover the bed with, then layed the blue pads over that. I laid on my back and tucked blue pads under my bra to cover my stomach area as to not get the sheets all stained. Everytime you get up from laying or sitting the fluid just pours out. i found it helpful to blot with paper towels so it wasn't running down your legs. I used about a whole roll of towels.

Another tip for those of you going out of town and staying alone in a hotel – make sure to bring food with you. You are not able to go out and about with all the leaking, so you will be confined to your room for about 24 hours. Pizza and chinese are full of salt- so you probably don't want to order out for those!

Again I was not in alot of pain. Only when i moved from sitting or laying I have a realy burning sensation. Took darvacet day of, but only taking and occasional Tylenol now.

I went back for my post op appt at 11am on the 16th- about 24 hours after procedure. They took off the dressings and both the nurse and the dr separately thought I was going to have very good results. My stomach looked flatter, but have a bulgy area still full of fluid. Can't really tell on my thighs- Dr said this is the area that takes longest to tighten up- 2 to 3 months.

When I got home last night and was able to strip down and take a shower I took some pictures. I see that I have some swelling and bruising in my genital area- probably because the compression garment isn't compressing as much there! Dr said it is good to walk and I can do some stuff with hand weights. No jogging or other strenuous exercise for 2 weeks.

I will post before and 1 day post op pics now. Will try to update pics at weekly intervals. I appreciated being able to see other posts when I was deciding to do this.

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Updated on Jun 24, 2010:

It's been10 weeks today. I don't feel I've seen much progress since week 3. I have lost 5 1/2" from my lower abs and 2" from waist and 1 1/4" from inner thighs since procedure. Wehn I saw doc after 6 weeks he said I should see more tightening, but thighs and flanks take the longest and to be patient. Finally, the burning pain has gone away from my abs!!! Took about 8 weeks to get better!

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