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Abs, Love Handles, Flanks, Thighs… Review in Progress

Worth It
Spent: $6,000 in La Jolla, CA

After lurking on the board reading other people’s experiences and reviews, I got a little nervous about my SmartLipo procedure on March 31st. In the past, I had liposuction performed, on my inner and outer thighs and knees. I was unhappy with the results of my liposuction and had gained weight in my stomach and "muffin top". I was also unhappy with the scars left behind from my liposuction procedure that I had in 2003.Fyi.. I am a 35 yo active female who has always had "problem" areas even though I am quite active. I am 5"4, 148 and wear a size 8.I was very nervous about the procedure and asked for the strongest dosage of medicine, listened to my ipod and had to request for a towel to be placed over my eyes because I did not want to see any needles or blood. The doctor gave me some laughing gas in addition to my valium. I tried to take deep breaths, but still felt the quick sting of the initial incision. The incisions were made really quickly and the lidocaine was inserted quickly. This was the most uncomfortable part of the procedure for me. The lasering of the fat felt like I was getting a deep tissue massage. Near the end of the procedure, I did feel a lot more pain when the incisions were being made. I assume it was because my medication was starting to wear off. However, my doctor was great and would stop immediately when I did wince or complain of pain.I drove 2 hours from los angeles to la jolla with a friend. After the procedure, she drove me back to los angeles. I rested for 4 days and just lounged around the house. I felt stiff and admit that it was tough bending down to use the toilet. In addition, since I have passed out in the past after liposuction when I took off my garment, I actually wore my garment in the shower and washed myself with the garment on. When I was done showering. I l sat on the floor and took the garment and bandages off (just in case I might faint). No fainting this time around, but I did feel a slight burning sensation when the water hit the incision mark on my love handles.

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