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42 Year Old Male Lower Ab Smartlipo

Worth It
Spent: $2,350 in Tempe, AZ

I had smart lipo done on my lower abs on 8/22/10. Pain was uncomfortable to none. Dr. did give me ativan prior to procedure. Pain started at home a few hours later, in hind sight I should have taken pain meds when I first started to feel pain, but I waited. Very little to no pain next day. It's monday 8/26/10 I'm back at work and have not talen any pain meds in two days. Before surgery, I could pinch an inch of fat just around my lower abs. This morning, even still swollen I can't pinch anything! I can't believe it! amasing so far! I was exercising 6 days aweek, heavy weights in Am and cardio at night, 600 crunches and I couldn't get rid of the roll of fat. I can't wait till all the swelling is gone.

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Updated on Jul 30, 2010:

Just posted my pre and post pics. Sorry they are from my cell. The post was taken the day after the procedure.

Updated on Aug 2, 2010:

It's been 11 days since my procedure. incisions have gotten smaller and smaller to the point that when they are fully healed, they will probabley be undetectable. I have to say that I can't believe I waited to get this done! I still am excited to see that the total impact will be after 1 month. I should have a good indication at that point according to my Doctor. The pics I have here where taken only 1 day post so I will put new ones up when the month is over. Good luck to all of you in the same boat. Have to say the compression garmet is not fun when it's a 110 degrees in Arizona but it's bareable.

Updated on Aug 5, 2010:

It's 2 weeks post procedure today and I have to say I'm happy again. The swelling is down and I have been in my routine of weight lift in AM and cardio (3 miles treadmill) in PM and my 600 crunches. Last night when I got home and took off my compression garmet I was shocked at home thin I looked from the side view….I haven't felt or looked like that since my twenties. I think the cardio at night is somehow helping with the swelling.

Updated on Aug 18, 2010:

8/18/10 I went in for my 1 month follow up with the Dr. It went well dr. thought healing process was going as planned although I "still have some swelling". I have to say that my stomache looks better and better each week. I had a few rough moments intially after the first few days when the swelling began but overall I'm very pleased with the results after only 1 month. I can't wait till 6 months if it already looks this good now. Why did I wait so long to do this?

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