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29 Year Old Male, Abs, Love Handles, Mid Back Fat

Worth It
Spent: $9,500 in New York city, NY

I am 29 years old and live in NYC. I was an overweight kid who lost 60 pounds at 16. I have struggled my entire life with the spare tire and back fat that will not go away despite my good diet and rigorous workout routine. I am in the best shape of my life.The procedure was done today and he expects a great result. At the moment I am in some discomfort and my skin looked like Jello after the procedure but they say that will take time to contract. I will keep posted with pics as I heal.I was happy with the staff.Price maybe higher than others but he seems to be the most experienced in this field. Looking forward to my new body.

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Updated on Apr 3, 2010:*Day 2 Saturday, April 3rd…I have to say I was in much more pain when the meds wore off than i anticipated. Surprisingly my flanks and back are completely pain free but my abs hurt a lot,. When i sit down or get up there is a very deep pain. I am getting better though each hour. I also had a TON of drainage. soaked through 4 pairs of boxers and t shirts and several wee wee pads that my wife put on the couch under me. Based on what I read here it will take a week or two for the swelling to go down and see some results. I am a bit concerned that my penis and pubic area is pretty swollen, particularly because i didnt have anything done there. I still have hit 24 hours at which point i will shower (not sure i am looking forward to that. My biggest concern is going back to work Monday. I hope i am in less pain at that point.Will keep posted on progress..

Updated on Apr 4, 2010:

 Day 3 – Swelling seems a little better but still a long way to go.  Pain is defiinetly more manageable but also stil a long way to go.  I walked a couple of miles earlier which felt good.  I am 6ft and was 195 prior to the procedure, this morning I weighed in at 200.  I know it will take time to heal and I am not getting discouraged.    The drainage seems to have stopped as well.  Hopefully I manage ok at work tomorrow.  I can also say there has been a tremendous improvement in overall feeling each day so far so I am encouraged by that as well.  Not sure if its helping but i am also taking Amico as some others posted about.  Will keep updating and post pics as I progress.  Thanks for the encouraging responses!

Updated on Apr 5, 2010:

 Day 4 – Still in a considerable amount of pain when moving and swelling is not much better.  Wasnt easy getting though work today but I made it.  My waist is almost exactly the same size as before the procedure (not saying this bc I am discouraged but just an observation, still very swollen).  My guess is it will take at least another week to begin to feel normal.  As far as meds go I do not like being on codine and managed to only use the tylenol with codine the night of the surgery.  I have been on max strength tylenol since and its been reasonable.  Will keep posted on progress.  

Updated on Apr 9, 2010:

Day 8 – I am now one week into recovery.  I have to say every day has been drastically better as far as the physical recovery is concerned.  I am moving around much better and I am going to try a very light workout tomorrow.  I still have yet to see any results.  I measure the same as when I started and am about 2 pounds heavier.  After reading several blogs it sounds like it may take a month to begin to see any progress.  I am staying patient and positive through the process.  I am thankful at this point that I am healing well and I can’t wait to not have to wear the garment!

Updated on Apr 11, 2010:

Day 8 – I was able to get a light workout in today with squats, pushups, stepups and the elliptical machine.  I am feeling much better overall.  I think I am begining to see some difference in my body an while I still have a long way to go its encouraging.

Updated on Apr 15, 2010:

 Day 13 – Feeling pretty good, had a solid workout yesterday with some light to moderate weights.  Now down about 5 pounds from my pre surgery weight.  My waist is down about an inch, but I think I stil have a long way to go.  Almost all my bruising is gone.  I am feeling some hardness in spots but it comes and goes.  I have also had 3 lymph massages in the last 3 weeks and I think its helped tremendously  While I am looking for more as far as results my midsection is definetly looking flatter.

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