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So Glad I Went Through With It – Grand Rapids

Worth It
Spent: $2,000 in Grand Rapids, MI

I've wanted this done for a long time and although I was very nervous, I'm so glad I went through with it, and am equally glad it was Dr. R who did the procedure.

Regarding my procedure:Smartlipo of the neck:I had this done in May, 2010. I worked closely with Dr.R's assistant Rebecca. She is amazing. She worked with me (put up with me) regarding available date inquires, financials, and procedure information in general. I met with Dr. R and we discussed what my hopes were, regarding my neck.

I am 37 years old, a bit over weight, and had a double chin going on. It wasn't even exactly a double chin (well, it was that too) but I felt it was a bit like a turkey neck where I didn't have much of a jaw-line definition and rather my neck was full from the tip (bottom) of my chin to my lower neck. Dr. R agreed that Smartlipo would be a good procedure to help remedy this and bring me some good results. He was right.

The procedure went great. I met Dr. R at the South West Surgical Center (Byron Center/M6 area) and he came in to see me just before they were to bring me back to the operating type room. I was very nervous (almost cancelled) but seeing him prior really helped me relax and to remember how much I wanted this done and how much I trusted him and his skills.

One of the things I loved about all of this is that I was given local (I THINK that's the right word) numbing medication. I was awake the entire time, but with the series of shots of pain medicine I received in the neck area, I felt nothing. The shots were uncomfortable, but extremely worth it. A) to be awake (costs less) and B) to feel nothing. Both were very important to me.

The procedure took about and hour and 1/2, the best I can remember. I kept my eyes closed most of the time and just let Dr. R do his thing. They kept me very warm and made sure I was comfortable during the entire process. Music was playing and the staff was very comfortable, relaxed and competent. I was aware of Dr. R's movements and use of his laser tool(s), but again I felt nothing and was so happy, and in disbelief, that I was actually having it done.

When Dr. R was done, he explained to me what all he had completed, and gave me a few inspiring words on how well it went. I then went back to the room I had first been in to recover for a bit. I was dressed and discharged within 1/2hr. I had a compression bandage around my chin, neck, cheeks and it went over the top of my head. It felt good having it on as I felt it would really help hold my neck in tight, as it is supposed to do.

Over the next few days I did well. I swelled just a bit, but nothing even anyone else noticed. I bruised a bit on my lower neck, but again I was able to cover it with a little foundation and no one noticed. I had the procedure done on a Thursday and wore the compression head piece Thursday thru Monday morning until I had to go to work. I don't think it was necessary to wear it that long but again, it just "feels good" to have your neck held tight.

Over the next couple of weeks I saw a great amount of improvement in my neck. I kept thinking "well, this is probably where my results will stop", and I was happy. But then it would progress even more. Through that next two week time frame, as the swelling went down, my neck did look a bit "bumpy". The best I can describe it is it looked like it had a faint "8-pack". This only lasted a week or so, and was not noticeable to anyone else.

If you are anything like me, you want to know how long it will be, if you get the procedure done, until you can tell you had it done/love the results/not be bruised, nor swelled, etc. I would say it took 1 month to have most bruising (very faint) and swelling (faint) done. And the effects of the procedure progressed over 2 – 3 months. The end results is my neck looking like what I look like when Im 30lbs lighter.

I absolutely love what Dr. R did for me. He is so kind and genuine and TALENTED. He is extremely skilled and I trust him completely. It was a simple choice to choose him to do my body-jet abdominal liposuction. I will review that shortly.

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Love Handles Gone with Smartlipo! – Atlanta

Worth It
Spent: $3,000 in Atlanta, GA

I had the typical "love handles" that I could not get rid of by working out several times a week and eating right. I had read about smartlipo and had some hestitation with the procedure but after research and a consultation, I felt assured that they could be reduced to minimal. The smart lipo consultant before the procedure was extremely thorough and when I had the procedure, I was prepared and nothing was a surprise. The doctor and staff was extremely nice, confident and knowledgable and the procedure went very well. I'll have you know, it was been 8 months since my procedure and my love handles are officially gone. I would highly recommend this procedure.

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Smart-Lipo of the Circumference Abdominal Trunk and Back Rolls – Shreveport

Worth It
Spent: $8,400 in Shreveport, La

I'm 32 yrs old, 5'3, weighed 153lbs, and I wear a size 8 pre-op. I run 5days a week and constantly worked out, but couldn't lose the belly fat nor the back rolls. So for this reason I decided to have smart-lipo.

I had my procedure yesterday. I had general anesthesia so i was asleep the entirer time. When i woke up and the meds had wore off I was in alot of pain, but the nurse gave me a pain shot right away. I experienced alot of draining the day of surgery. I haven't seen my result yet, because i have to wear a garment and foam padding for 2days before i can remove it. My Dr was great, he called me the night of my surgery to check on me. I had 3000cc's of fat removed and after surgery the nurses where telling me how tiny my waist was and how they were so jealous. I'm excited to see.

I will post pictures soon.

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Updated on Oct 30, 2010:

The 3rd day post-op. This was the day I could remove my garment and shower. I can say, i was very pleased!!. I'm still draining and very sore. I've been taking my pain meds and celebrex the doctor prescribed alone with the Arnica product.

Updated on 8 Nov 2010:

Had my week post-op visit last week and the Doctor stated that my progress was going great. My waist is small to date, even though, he said i still had alot of swelling. If I'm this satisfied now, I can't wait until after the 4months to see my final results.

Today is my 14th day post-op and I'm still very sore.

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Bulging Fat Underneath my Bra – Glasgow, Scotland

Not Worth It
Spent: $4,500 in Glasgow

I hated wearing tight tops because my fat back bulged from under my bra. It looked horrible. The procedure was quick and the down time was minimal. I am really happy with one side but the other side still has bulges. My Dr says it's because I was lopsided to begin with. Now I'm stuck with lopsided results. If only I'd known ahead of time I wouldn't have chosen him. Not sure what to do now. It was very expensive and I'm feeling cheated!

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Smartlipo..worth the Money but Dont Believe Everything You Hear – San Antonio

Not Worth It
Spent: $3,700 in San Antonio Texas

Brief bio about myself..I am a 29 yr old african american women, physically fit, no kids, just had some fat around the midsection that would not go away.

Received Smartlipo on October 20, 2010 in San Antonio Texas. The price I paid (3700) wasnt bad at all. I got my upper/lower abdominals, flanks, "back fat, or bra fat" removed.

I know the procedure can be done with local anesethis but I opted for general for many reason. 1. It was recommened by my surgeon. At first I thought it was just a way to get more money out of me but from research not everyone likes the tugging and pulling from the procedure. I chose to be knocked out so they can do the best job that they could. I read on here some lady said they had to stop the procedure so she could use the bathroom..OMG can not amazine that. So I will talk about my experience, and try to update with pictures as soon as I get them on here..

Day 1…Everything went smoothly..arrived at the office at 9:30 was prepped, signed more paperwork and off to surgery..The only thing I do not like is waking up from can be kind of scary. But overall I was able to move. I walked to the bathroom, got in the car and that was about it. As soon as I got home, took some pain pills even though I wasnt in that much pain yet and went to sleep. Had some drainage but not a lot. It didnt get on my clothes or bed just the garmet I was wearing..Now this is why I say you shouldnt believe everything you hear. I read one lady said she was out grocery shopping after the procedure. Everyones body reacts differently not saying I am super women but there was no way I was going to the store day 1. That first night was rough..the garmet hurts and I could only sleep on my back. My surgeon scheduled a post operative visit the next day so they could take off my dressing and examine me.

Day 2 October 21, 2010

Today was ok. Still sore, and swollen but able to move around slowly. Still cant sleep. I found myself getting up and using the restroom a lot the night before. When you first get up off the bed it feels like blood is rushing down to your stomach. "weird". But overall I was able to get up, get dress and drive myself to my post op appointment..slowly lol.. At the appointment they took my bandages off and said that I was healing good. No bruising at all, but I am still swollen. Which is to expected day two days after surgery. I was told I could take a shower when I got home. The best shower I've ever had. Still hurts, still cant sleep. Just cant get comfortable. Now I must say this even though I consider myself to be healthly I do have a lower back problem in my L5/S1 area, so Im on pain medication already. For somebody who doesnt take pain meds on a regular the medication they prescribe may have you sleeping and feeling great but not me. My body is used to it..Moving on..Moving around in the bed is the worse part. I feel like a severly obese person, rocking and rolling just trying to sit up. ( Don't mean to offend any obese people who have to do this on a daily basis).

Day 3 Back to work..

I have a sit down job so thus far at 7:20 in the morning I am ok..still sore mostly from the garmet that I have on..Hopefully the day goes by ok..ill keep posting..

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Updated on Oct 24, 2010:

Update to day 3: So the rest of the day went by ok. I actuallly feel more comfortable being at work sitting in a chair for 12 hours than I do at home laying in the bed..Still had a hard time going to sleep that night. Still rolling around. But for a postive I see a little change.

Day 4: Another work day. I actually couldnt wait to get to work so I could relax in my work chair. I actually feel asleep in it. I am able to go without pain medications during the day but for some reason as soon as I get home I am in pai. Maybe from moving around. I had the worst spasm last night it had me in tears. Felt like a "charlie horse". Stomach is going down more..I cant wait for it to be over..Still dont know if I can wear regular pants yet. I dont care if the size is smaller I just want to wear something other than shorts. I will say this. I do take my garmet off and wear tight biker shorts to bed. It is more comfortable than the garmet at night. Ill keep updating, and I promse I will post pictures soon!

Updated on Oct 25, 2010:

Day 5: finally a day off work. I must say I work up this morning with a little more movement. I have my second post op appointment tomorrow. I am going to ask about the garmet. Ive been wearing tight biker shorts pulled up to my feels alot better than the original garment but I want to make sure a heal properly. I was told I could wear spanks after a while. Anyone know about that? I feel a little different but not completely healed. I wonder if I can start massage therapy now? Well Ill keep you updated!

Updated on Oct 25, 2010:

Day 5: finally a day off work. I must say I work up this morning with a little more movement. I have my second post op appointment tomorrow. I am going to ask about the garmet. Ive been wearing tight biker shorts pulled up to my feels alot better than the original garment but I want to make sure a heal properly. I was told I could wear spanks after a while. Anyone know about that? I feel a little different but not completely healed. I wonder if I can start massage therapy now? Well Ill keep you updated!

Updated on Oct 25, 2010:

Pictures so far..

Updated on Oct 26, 2010:

Tomorrow will be week 1 since procedure. I will take a picture later today. I can honestly say this has not been what I expected but I feel I had realistic expectations. I woke up today in a lot of pain. Not sure why. I have my second post op appointment today. The only concern I have is I know I am still swollen in my lower abs but I still have a roll on my back. I can pinch it like it wasn't even even sucked. It was there before I had the procedure. I really don't want to have a touch up even though many people do. If I do I'm not doing general anesthesia, I really think I spent the extra money for that for nothing. Ill write back after my appointment today!

Updated on Oct 26, 2010:

So after my appointment today I feel alot better. Everybody body heals differently. For me I'm still swollen in my lower ABS, and I was told the roll I was concerned about will go down in time. Since I'm at week one I can wear a different type of garment

I still have to wear something for another 3-4 weeks which is ok. Ill keep you guys updated on my progress


Updated on Nov 5, 2010:

It has been two weeks since my smartlipo procedure. I will update pictures probably next week. I can not say I am completely happy with my results thus far but I am trying to stay hopeful that I didnt waste my money. I get frustrated when I look at other people pictures on here, day 1 or 2 and showing a big difference. I am at week 2 and I look how I did before the surgery. I am still swollen and sore in in my lower abs.I can tell that is going down slowly, but still there. I will try to stay positive. Every body is different, maybe mine will just take forever to heal


Updated on 14 Jan 2011: I recently had my 3 month follow up and no results. I am the same size I was pre-surgery (weight and measurements). So I would say the procedure was unsuccessful. I am considering a re-touch. The Dr couldnt understand herself why there weren't any changes. Today I received a call saying that my hips have gotten bigger so its possible I gained weigh in that area, but that doesnt explain why there were no changes in my stomach area. The Dr said that I should try to lose the weight in my hips and then we will look at re-touch options. I dont understand, my hips werent even done so I dont understand how that has an effect on my stomach. On top of that I only gained less than an inch in my I said no weight gain..Still not satified, waste of money!

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Best Money Ever Spent – Bellevue

Worth It
Spent: $4,500 in Bellevue, WA

Pros: I needed a tummy tuck after having children, but hated the thought of the scar from hip bone to hip bone. I always carried extra weight in my midsection and flanks making me feel unfeminine and disproportionate. I'm not heavy, but wanted to be able to wear something other than gunny sacks for blouses. It's been exactly one month and I actually have a WAIST. I still have a lot of swelling, but I know this will go away in the next few months.

Cons: It is more painful than they make it out to be during and after the surgery. There is NO way I could be comfortable with the amount of pain meds that they gave me. Luckily, I had extra Vicodin from a previous injury. The compression garment was GOD AWFUL. I ended up purchasing various others NOT through the doctor's office to rotate through.

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Smart Lipo on Chin, Jawline, Upper/Lowers Abs, and Flanks – Tokyo

Worth It
Spent: $4,740 in Tokyo, Japan

I had Smart Lipo on 9/9/2010 in Tokyo Japan. I am 41 yrs old and have 1 baby by c-section 2 1/2 yrs ago. Since I was having my chin done, my dr used twilight sedation. I was asleep comfortably for the entire procedure. I didn't take any medication before the surgery, but after was given Dasen (anti-inflammatory), Kefral (antibiotic), and Loxonin(pain). My incisions were closed with stitches and my abs were taped. My husband picked me up after the surgery and I was able to walk to the parking and to the house right to bed. I am a side sleeper, so what hurt the most was my back from having to sleep on it. I took the pain pills for my back not my lipo!

I was very bruised on my flanks and honestly I have had the most pain and lumps there. I did have some bruising on my neck and face, which went away quickly. I did start taking Arnica after the surgery on my own.

I have had some swelling, but nothing like described by many people. My belly has stayed flat the majority of the time and I have never had swelling that would make me look as large or larger than I was pre-op. I started taking Bromelain, although I'm not sure it doesn't anything. I also drink lemon water throughout the day. Since my incisions were closed, I didn't have any draining or swelling due to not draining.

I removed the tape on the third day and had my first shower. I did get light-headed and had cold sweats while trying to get the tape off…it was hard work to get it all off!

My Dr. does ultrasound massages starting 1 week post-op. The massages seem to help with the tightness and lumps. It also felt great afterward. I ended up buying a personal ultrasonic massager, which I use once a day on my abs and face.

So far, I have lost 7 lbs and 3 1/2 inches in my waist. I do workout with a trainer doing strength-training two days a week and I try to do cardio (Zumba or elliptical) 2 times a week. I also have just started yoga once week.

I have to say that my abs are not perfect. I have lumps and I am uneven. I think I will probably have to have a revision to the left side by my belly button. I also have a big crease over my belly button. It didn't appear until after 2 weeks and I think it is due to sitting/slumping. I hope that is will relax, but I don't know at this point. My Dr thinks it will. I do continue to wear my compression garment. I have a Design Veronique garment, which is really comfortable for me. I have ordered a smaller one, since I think the ones I have are getting loser.

My chin is a major improvement. I still wear my compression garment at night, although my dr said I only had to wear it one month. My incisions were behind my ears and are barely noticeable now.

Emotionally, I have had ups and downs. I knew it was normal to feel down or have regrets at some point, but still I couldn't fight it. The hardest part is just not knowing if the lumpiness is going to go away…not knowing when or if a great end result is going to happen.

At this point, 6 weeks, I'm still healing, working out, and trying to eat well.

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Had Smart Lipo Yesterday – Dubai

Worth It
Spent: $3,500 in Dubai

Had smart lipo yesterday at 10am, I am 51 years old, 5' 3'' and 58.8 kg on the day of my surgery, I am active slim and excersize regularly, i watch what i eat and watch my portion sizes. Why I chose to have smart lipo is that I had large hips and although my husband loved my curves and I know i am should be happy as i am fairly slim for my age but I was uncomfortable, especially when wearing jeans, I had flanks and upper abdomen done and had around 1 ltr of fat removed. I am finding it harder to lose a lot of weight as i get older and I don't particularly want to lose weight as I am over 50 and want to keep the weight on my face and hands as these are the areas you look older if you have less weight on you.

I am in a compression garment today and in a little pain, I have bruised quite badly but i do bruise easily, the procedure took about 2 hours and i felt fine afterwards, i managed to do some ironing this morning but feel a little sick from the pain killers and medication so I am now lying down. I will continue to post my recovery and answer any questions you may have, i will also try to get my pre op photos and post any new ones week by week.

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Nervous – Illinois

Not Worth It
Spent: $7,500 in Glenview, IL

I work as a model, I get paid for my appearance – I need extra help in problem areas.

I'm having my first surgery (and it's cosmetic, shame on me) ever with my Dr. next week and I am a bit nervous because I have read the horror stories on SmartLipo procedures.

I am in my midtwenties, I am 5'5 and 125lbs. I actually work as a model but I am of course always under the pressure to look perfect so I am hoping that he will help me fix my problem spots.

I am having my abdomen and flanks smartlipo'ed and a fat transfer to my buttocks to make it more fuller. Although, I did read today that fat trasfers shouldn't take place with smartlipo because smart lipo damages the fat and it is no longer considered "living fat" therefore it shouldn't be transplanted because you'll see poor results from it, so I am going to ask about this.

I am very nervous. I feel like I look good now but I think this could make me look better but … it could also make me look worse.

I'll keep everyone updated through my recovery and progress. Hopefully, my Dr. will be able to perform his duties as a doctor and not be like every car sales plastic surgeon I've ever seen. I want to recommend him and I want to tell you it'll be worth the whole $7,500 I'm about to spend on it – we'll find out very soon..

wish me luck.

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Loved my Smartlipo and Vellashape – Redmond, WA

Worth It
Spent: $5,000 in Redmond WA USA

With Smartlipo and vellashape I was finally able to lose that pocket of fat on my stomach. I do pilates and run, but no matter how much I exercised I could not get rid of the pocket of fat on my stomach. Smartlipo literally took years off my figure – my stomach is as flat as it was pre-kids. I can't tell you how much I love it! I am even more motivated to exercise to stay in shape. I have no regrets!

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