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Smart Lipo ” 2 Thumbs Up” But A Little Painful – New York City

Worth It
Spent: $7,000 in New York City

It has been 7 days since I had smartlipo performed on my lateral thighs, waist, back and buttocks and I must say that having the procedure done was one of the best things I could have done for myself and my body. I have been dieting and exercising for the last 18 months and have taken off approximately 40 lbs. As happy as I was to see the pounds come off, I struggled with my new body as it remained undefined and sloppy. I heard about smartlipo and decided to hit the web in search of any information I could find and after 3 – 4 months of research decided to move forward with it.

I must say that I am extremely happy. My docotor gave curves and helped contur my body in ways that my dieting and exercising could not. Although I am still a little swollen what i see so far, I am very very very happy with. I know everyhing will continue to get better from here !

The only thing that could have been different for me was the pain. Many say that the procedure is virtually pain free, I beg to differ. Getting in and out of bed the first few days was rough for me. I was extremely sore and felt uncomfortable the majority of the time and for the record, I could not return to work 2-3 days after. My body just wasnt ready.

Stay Tuned.. (Pics To Follow )

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Most Expensive Smart Lipo, I Hope Its Worth It! – NYC

Not Sure
Spent: $8,000 in new york city

i'm going to do this within 6 hours. 7:15am. hope it all worth it. i'm very nervous and i couldn't sleep. i'm 23, 5'1" 128 lbs. upper abs around 31" 34" lower abs 35.5" i have baby fat since i was very little. I thought it will leave eventually since i was pretty slim during high school and i do alot of sports. but it wont happened. It gradually increase when i'm going to college.. stop exercising because i'm pretty doomed about it. I search over the website i found smart lipo. i hope it really worth it. It really a risk for me because i only see one doctor and decide right after the consultation and i saw many post here has great doctor and cheaper price.. 8000 is alot, and i'm using CareCredit. can someone tell me if they can leave the clinic and go home by themself? i mean take taxi or by subway. i live around 1 hour away from the clinic.. has to commute by subway. They told me better find someone to pick me up, but i dont want to tell anyone. and i'm planning to go to school on Monday. I will have my upper lower abs and flanks done in 2 days. Flanks will be on Saturday. I think i'm going commute by myself on Saturday to the clinic as well. I hope it does not hurt to walk on the next day. Is the drainage horrible? Do you leak through the garmet and your own clothes? Does it leak to your bed sheet and hart to clean?

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Updated on Sep 24, 2010:

my body is joking me! i got period right before the surgury!! just got back from the surgery this morning. I was agree being filmed for education purpose so there was several more people in the room. I feel like i was like a vip , Dr. C and dr.t was there too dr.c keep talking n teach his students. Dr.t came in occasionally n see how is going. I felt pain when injecting the tumescent fluid and maybe he did not put enough or wat so ever my belly button is super sensitive whenever he suck the fats out, i feel pain..or i'm still nervous eventho i took the pills to relax..he notice that i feel pain and he put more to numb the area but it doesn't seemed really work for me.. anyway overall the pain was tolerable. I got 700cc of fat sucked out. BYEBYE FAT JUICE!

After the surgury, the nurse clean me up and put the garmet on (is a wrap)they gave me some gauze, and the sheet for protecting the leaking to my bed and a gatoraid. The dr. gave me antibiotic, valium and painkiller. I feel nothing after the surgury, i just feel alil sleepy.. they alow me to leave by myself because i dont feel much anything and the area is still numb ( numbness fade about 6 hrs later).. I even went to the pharmacy and sephora to shop! after that.. i took SUBWAY! its about 45 mins ride.. luckily i dont need to wait for the trains. When i got home, the area is still pain, n the leakage is pretty bad.. its soak my undies. alot of swelling, and bruises. My pelvis area swollen alot. i try to drink alot of water hope the swollen goes away asap. The compression garmet sucks.. it roll up when i sit down.. i have to adjust it… it 6pm now.. and i'm starting to feel pain. The pain is like cuts..and it pretty painful. Hope it will gone soon!

Updated on Sep 24, 2010:

anybody experience constipation? I feel pain to push my stomach when i'm trying to go no.2. and also does anybody push the tumescent fluid out by yourself when they done with the surgery?

Updated on Sep 25, 2010:

next day, my abs are sore when i bend down, and stand up.. but it still tolerable. I'm forcing myself to finish up the work due on Monday. I have my flanks done today! one side 350cc and the other 400cc. total 650cc! including L/U abs, its 1450cc! i'm so happy! the draining is super horrible, it leaks out alot from one side of my pelvic area. i tried to push out the fluid, but its kept leaking so i decide to use thick gauze and pad. Its works fine. But all my garmets and pant are wet.. =( will upload picture soon!

Updated on Oct 5, 2010:

finally the server fix the problem! i can update the pics now. The pain is still soar, it painful to touch the lumps and i'm trying to massage it during shower and using the arnica gel. Just saw the dr. today. He said the lumps are normal and it because if the compression garmets. He told me i can switch to second stage compression garmet which is more seamless. He said i can use spanx and start massaging the lumps. as you can see the pics.. it swollen with lumps… it does not look as nice as other people who had it done. i'm giving hope and patient.. hopefully it will be all gone! i finally can wear my favorite dress again!!

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My Love Handle Smart Lipo Results Are Great (And my Wife Loves It)

Worth It
Spent: $3,000 in Bellevue, Wa

Pros- very effective at spot targeting, minimal downtime, no anesthesia, very professional staff, great results, cost was reasonable

Cons- hurts a little more than I anticipated, more swelling than I like, nothing really my cons are just wishful thinking I choose smart lipo because I have always had a problem with my love handles. Despite losing 65lbs and being the fittest of my life a year before, I always had this trouble spot that I could not get rid of. Then if I put on any additional weight it would all go right there first. I think it was a bit of a joke nature played on me that no matter what I did I could not get rid of my love handles it was not going to happen.

So after trying everything else, doing loads of research on other options I got a recommendation from someone I trusted to try smart lipo. I am so glad I did. The two alternatives I had considered before were more traditional lipo that required anesthesia, more cost, more pain, more down time or the cold lipo treatment that was minimally invasive and affordable but hardly anywhere near the effectiveness. I just look at myself in the mirror every day now after fighting this life long battle and am so happy that I made this decision.

Beyond the procedure itself the people that performed the procedure were the epitome of professionalism and made me feel great about what I was doing. They were honest and forthcoming with any information that I asked for even if it was about the limited risk associated with any procedure. I always felt like I was in good hands and the people really cared about me and enjoyed what they did to make people feel better about themselves. Further the facility was top notch.

Everything is state of the art and while it felt like a spa more than a Dr.'s Office there was never any concern as they were clearly using state of the art equipment. The icing on the cake was that my wife sat in on the entire procedure and watched. We both were able to ask questions as the procedure progressed so we felt completely safe and comfortable with what was going on and it was a relief to have her by my side.

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5 Days Post Already See Results! – Chicago

Worth It
Spent: $7,400 in Chicago

I am about 40 lbs overweight and I wanted smartlipo to get rid of my muffin top and love handles and belly rolls, and i am already extremely happy with my results and its only been 5 days. I had smartlipo done on my upper and lower abdomen and love handles. I hardly have any bruising (take Arnica Montana it helps!) but I have redness. I cannot believe what a difference I can see already. No love handles. No muffin top. I do have a roll of skin on lower abdomen but it doesnt bother me seeing the other things disappear, I can handle the one hanging skin roll lol! I think I over paid but I didnt want to take the time to shop around. I dont have many cons to say at this time. I am in no real pain. It mainly just soreness. Its hard to bend over to pick things up so I just dont do it! I am very happy that I went thru with smartlip.

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Updated on Sep 20, 2010:

Day 7 is here one week yeahhhh! What bruises? Redness fading away quickly. Upper ab area feels very tight. I cant wait until the final results will keep posting!

Updated on Oct 21, 2010:

Ok here is my 5 week and 6 week post smartlipo photos!

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Smartlipo- Waste of Time and Money – Lake Mary, FL

Not Worth It
Spent: $6,500 in lake mary, florida

preop care was minimal. the consult was done by a consultant not a doctor or nurse. she showed me pictures of patients that were not their own.she told me they would be able to get rid of my back fat and i wasnt nearly as big as the woman in the pictures.all of this would not have bothered me if the results were decent. there is a small improvement in my arms but nothing on my back.the procedure was very painful and i even started crying during the suctioning. there was a problem with the machine and we started 2 hours late thats probably why the numbing medication wore off and i felt so much pain.

the doctor had some medical issues and wasnt able to see me until 2 months post-op. they never called me to schedule an appt even though they said they would. when i tried to explain that i was disappointed with the results the doctor just told me to give it more time.

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Yes,Yes,Yes! – Las Vegas

Worth It
Spent: $7,500 in las Vegas,Nevada

The reason why I had it done is you know after having a child your body changes,also I do take care of myself. I did have my flanks and my lower abdomen done,there was hust that pocket of fat in the flanks that was hard to get rid of. I am 5'9 and 150 pounds so I'm in my healthy weight range. The doctor took out 800cc of fat from my flanks and tummy,the nurse was quite suprised.She had told me I looked in good shape before the procedure. To see good results give it a few months and make sure you do workout and eat right don't let this be a quick fix this is a lifestyle of taking care of your body. Right after the procedure I did thermage I thought that was worth it because it tightens your skin from having a baby. Make sure you a good surgeon and do your research make sure he or she is board certified that is important at the end of the day it is surgery. Good luck

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