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Knees, Inner/outer Thighs and Flanks Smart Lipo – Los Gatos

Worth It
Spent: $9,000 in Los Gatos

Being out of proportioned really sucks!! I have dealt with it my whole life. No matter how much I worked out, I couldn't spot reduce. My lower body was so much bigger than my upper body. I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin. I would stay inside and just feel like crap. Well…last Tuesday, August 24, I went for it and had smartlipo. I had my knees, inner and outer thighs and flanks done. I had a general anesthesia. I know that always takes a toll on me. When I woke up, I was in some serious pain. I couldn't stand it. I took two Vicoden and right away, I threw up at least 7 times or so. I finally made it to the car and my husband took me home. We stopped and got some oxycodone. That was the next prescription from the doc. Anyway, basically, first day SSSOOOOO much pain from procedure. Day two, not so bad and hardly any swelling. Days 3, 4, and 5, OMG>>>so much swelling. I woke up this morning, and I look fabulous. Bruising is minimal and my pants fit and I feel like my body looks great. I feel in proportion. I def recommend it. The bonus is that it will get better and better everyday with time.

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If I Could Do It Over, I’d Have Had Traditional Lipo. Not Worth the Cost!

Worth It
Spent: $8,000 in CT

First of all let me say that I'm embarrassed to even put the amount I paid down. I've had lipo previously (different area) about 8 years ago and even given inflation, it wouldn't have been anywhere near this much. The Dr. came highly recommended by a coworker who is a body builder and quite vain, so I trusted his recommendation. Of course, he had a much smaller area to address than I did. I'll get down to the nitty gritty- I had my inner thighs and upper thigh area under my butt done and my tummy trimmed down. These were two separate procedures as he only does one per day and didn't want to over do it result and recovery wise by doing both the same day. Problem #1. Traditional lipo could have all been done in one day.

The Smart Lipo is advertised as "no down time" and "able to return to work the next day". Not even close! With Smart lipo there is a LOT of drainage from the incision sites. This is the saline used to flush the area while removing the liquified fat. I drained through overnight maxi pads for 2 days and had to sleep on plastic covered with towels overnight. This was on both procedures. I used pain meds for several days after each procedure. With regular Lipo I only needed the pain meds the day of and following day. The incisions have healed as hard lumps (due to the laser I think). The results on my inner thighs are uneven. They will be better with consistent gym workouts, but still for the $$$$ spent, closer to perfect should be expected. I was out of work 5 days each procedure.

I would NOT recommend Smart Lipo. It's a gimmick. Stick w/ a qualified plastic surgeon and stick w/ traditional lipo.

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Updated on Sep 7, 2010:

An update to the above review: As with most cosmetic surgery, it takes time to see results. Sometimes if we don't see results fast enough, we are disappointed and may have some regrets. In fairness to my Dr., I was impatient and hadn't given my body enough time to heal and to see the results I hoped for. As time passes, my skin has tightened up, the swelling has continued to go down, and I do see results. The Smart Lipo laser isn't a magic wand ;-) it's only one part of looking and feeling better. You have to eat right and exercise to achieve the full benefit. Also, I didn't intend for my review to reflect poorly on my Doc; he's a good guy and I see him for other things like Botox (totally worth it!!) it's more the SmartLipo itself- It's not an instant magic fix. People don't always realize it is still surgery and there is pain and a recovery time associated with that. If you have a little area done, (like my friend) you may be able to go back to work sooner. A larger area or areas like I had done will require more down time and rest. I'm older now and I guess we bounce back quicker from most things when we're younger! LOL!!! I do look & feel better and going to the gym is less of a chore now that my goals are getting easier to attain. I can wear clothes I couldn't fit into before, which is great!!

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Very Unhappy with my Smartlipo Experience – Folsom

Not Worth It
Spent: $6,000 in Folsom, Ca

I am 26 years old 5'1 and 126 pounds. I had my full abdomen and love handles done. At the end of my procedure the only took out about 2 pounds of fat I had my smartlipo done on July 22, 2010. First i should mention how unprofessional this clinic was.

My appointment was scheduled at 9:30am, being excited i showed up a few minutes early. When i got there the clinic wasn't even opened yet. I had to wait about 10-15 after the scheduled time until anyone showed up. Finally they took me to my room where my doctor proceeded to tell me I didn't even need the smartlipo and that I was already a 10. Then it was time for him to draw on me in the areas i was about to get done. I dont know if this is what everyone experienced but he also checked my breasts and examined them. I should mention that my mother had the same procedure done a week after me and did not have to take off her bra or get the breast exame.

Maybe i'm just being silly because I don't know if this is normal so please give me feedback. I had my 1 month follow up the other day where yet again i was scheduled at 9:30am and no one was there. I waited again for about 15 minutes for someone to come open the clinic. After i finally got in the clinic it took about half an hour for someone to tell me the doctor would not be able to see me until later that day. I came back to the clinic around 12:30 and met with a different doctor (who is the head doctor of this clinic) than the one who performed the procedure since I was a little uncomfortable with him.

She took some after pictures and took my measurements. Never showed me my before pictures or measurements but said I lost 1 inch. Then told me I looked great even though she never saw my before pictures and I only lost an inch. I asked her if I could get my velashape done since it comes as part of the package I purchased and she said no I didnt need it and since I was young that I would be fine. I am so upset and unhappy with my results being that i very little difference from before I even wasted my money on this procedure. I'm thinking my original doctor did not take out as much fat as he could have since he thought i didn't need it in the first place.

The main reason why I wanted this done is because they told me they would be able to get my stomach flat. I wanted to feel comfortable in a bikini or when i work out in a sprots bra. I look pretty much the same and I feel that this clinic is not trying to help me anymore. $6000 is too much not to get the results they said they could give me….please give me feedback on what I can do as I am very unhappy

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Outer Thigh Smart Lipo

Worth It
Spent: $2,500 in Ogden

Background: I've hated my legs for as long as I can remember. My brother and sister are stick thin, and I, well, wasn't. One of the defining moments in my body image was in second grade. The cutest boy in the class called me 'thunder thighs.' I was crushed and spent the next 23 years trying to diet and exercise my way out of the problem. No matter how small I got (90 lbs all through high school on my 5'2" frame), my thighs were always disproportionately large. I learned to love my other curves, but having my thighs be the widest part of me became a fixation.

Surgery: I had a consult and was assured that doing the saddle bags (outer thigh) was usually very successful. I got the pre-op instructions and was scheduled for a week later. The worst pain I experienced was pms without Advil–they said all I could take for a week before surgery was Tylenol.

I've struggled with becoming one of 'those' people who takes the extreme step of surgery. Some people close to me have said I should just accept myself the way I am. I was getting a little embarrassed about being seen as vain, and considered calling the whole thing off. Then I had my hubby take my 'before' pictures. No doubt left in my mind. . .I had to go through with it. I owed it to the second-grade girl inside me.

I prepared my bed with a plastic tablecloth over the mattress just as they recommended before leaving for the procedure. The triazolam they prescribed worked wonders on anxiety. They took the 'before' pics and the doctor marked me up and began. The shot of lidocaine burned quite badly, but that was the worst part. I felt twinges of pain throughout but nothing too bad. Before I knew it they were sitting me up and putting on the bandages and compression garment. They removed a liter and a half of fat total.

Post-Op: I went home and slept for three hours. I had a terrible time with dizziness/almost fainting when I had to pull down the compression garment to use the restroom. I ended up lying on the bathroom floor for about 10 minutes each time. I tend to go into shock easily and got faint/nauseated again when my hubby changed my bandages.

After the first 24 hours, the dizziness/fainting went away. I'm still taking the Lortab, but mainly because they said I can't take anything else but Tylenol for two weeks or it'll increase bleeding. I'm pretty sore but able to walk around quite well. My incisions have stopped draining. I go in tomorrow for a check up.

Results: I'm absolutely amazed with the results, and it's only two days post-op. I'm sure I'm swollen, but the overall shape of my legs is so much better! That hated saddle bag protrusion is gone! My hip is now the widest part of me, not my upper thigh. I went from a pear shape to a true hourglass! I wish I'd done this years ago so I hadn't spent my entire teenage years and twenties hiding my legs.

I'll post photos once we take some post-op ones.

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Updated on Aug 10, 2010:

Four days post-op: Had my first follow-up appointment and was thrilled to hear I don't have any fluid pockets in my legs. The four incisions are healing well and stopped draining after the first 36 hours! I'm still pretty swollen, but I measured and I've lost an inch off each thigh so far. It's much easier to move around now, but getting down to sit is still uncomfortable. Walking is no problem! I'm off the Lortab because I don't think it helped and made me really tired.

Updated on Aug 15, 2010:

9 days post-op: It's amazing how much your body can heal in a week. I no longer get dizzy when taking off the compression garment, though it definitely feels better to have it on. I'm moving around with only minor soreness and even went out last night in a tight dress, without worrying about that saddle bag bulge. The bruises were getting to me, so I broke down and ordered arnica cream because others on this site recommended it. It's only been two days since I started using it, so I'll let you know how it works.

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Very Fit Prior to Smart Lipo, Now I’m Concerned…

Worth It
Spent: $4,800 in Birmingham, AL

Hello! I had smartlipo done about 3 1/2 weeks ago (July 7th)…I am about 5'8" and in pretty good shape (I regularly train for 1/2 marathons, triathlons, etc) but i've always had some problem areas and saved up enough money to do something about it. I had my entire abdomen done, flanks, outer thighs, and gluteal crease. Just had my 3 week followup and the Dr. said I still had a significant amount of swelling but gosh- I feel like I was in better shape before this surgery. I have been trying to remain calm this entire time and realize I need to wait 3-6months for the swelling to go away…I"m just having a little freak out. Getting Endermologie done tomorrow to help with some of the un-even areas.

My 4 scars (though tiny) are turning black! Is this normal? How can I fix this. Also, my Dr. told me to get back into a rigorous workout routine. Tried running today and my flanks and thighs hurt too bad with the impact of running, I only did a mile before I felt like I was in too much pain. Any ideas on workouts I could do? I think it was worth it and I'm holding on to the fact that I"m still healing..I think I'm experiencing post-cosmetic surgery blues. I love my surgeon and the staff was great.

Day 1 post op- I was in ALOT of pain (and I'm no pansy)…I went under general anesthesia with propofol, fentanyl, and I forget the other agent and they used an LMA as an airway. I'm thankful I was asleep and not awake for the thing…I would've freaked. I wore the compression garment faithfully for 2 weeks, now i'm using spanx and other garments that are a little more friendly with normal clothes. The verdict is still out on the entire procedure..I'd love to hear some feedback from other people with similar experiences. I can tell I've had some fat taken away..but I don't feel the tightness yet…

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