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Not Perfect but I Look a Lot Better

Worth It
Spent: $3,000 in Plantation, FL

Did smart lipo about a year ago. I’m 5’7″ normal weight 125-128. I work out a lot and was in fairly good shape but I hated my love handles and lower ab pooch. I’m not 100% happy with the results but I can’t totally blame the DR. When I went for my consultation my weight was down to 122. Since I was slightly underweight, my Dr said he didn’t need to to my upper abs. By the time my surgery was scheduled a month later, my weight was down to 118lbs. My stomach was so flat the day of surgery that the DR probably had trouble finding my fat. After the surgery I became super busy at work so wasn’t too good at remembering the compression garment. I noticed my stomach was getting lumpy, the Dr said I needed to massage my stomach everyday which I didn’t do

My result ended up with my stomach being lumpy and after I gained some weight, I noticed that my upper abs look fatter than the lower (as DR didn’t do lipo on the upper abs). I look great in clothes as I have no more love handles and stomach is pretty flat but I know I have lumpy skin underneath. As long as my weight is around 125 I barely notice but if I gain a few pounds it seems to all go to the lumps.

I’m going to try a combination of Velashape and Zerona laser to see if I can smooth out my stomach. If that doesn’t work I may have to get more smart lipo.

Wondering if anyone else had lumps? If so, were you able to get rid of them?

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Smart Lipo- Inner/outer Thighs and Knees

Worth It
Spent: $5,400 in Massachusetts, MA

I just had smart lipo done on April 16th for inner/outer thighs and my knees. I' 5'6" and weigh 133lbs. I work in the fitness industry so I'm pretty active. My surgery was to get rid of what exercise could not do no matter how hard I tried.

For anyone who has a low tolerance for pain please make sure your Dr. gives you extra pain meds for the procedure. My doc assured me I would be almost asleep by the time I got to the room but 1 oxy and another medication that was supposed to make me sleepy didn't do a thing. I had told them before hand I was very nervous and they kept assuring me I would feel nothing. When it was time to go in the room I told them I felt totally fine, not sleepy or numb… nothing. That's when I got the shots. UGGGH! First come all the shots to "numb" you. (which apparently didn't do too much for me) then the big needle comes with the solution.

It was pure torture. I was in tears the whole time. I could feel the sharp ends of whatever it was poking past the parts of me that was numb. I kept asking for more and more shots to get numb. This hands down was the worst experience of my life. I do not think I have EVER been in so much pain before. I do not understand why there isn't an option to be asleep for it. Others say they feel no pain during the surgery….I really wish I was one of them.

Afer the surgery was over I was fine. Recovery has been easy so far and I've been up and around with no problems. The pain after the 2nd day really isn't so bad. I think the worst part is the first time you have to shower and put the garment back on. That's an experience. After that it gets easier every time.

As far as the results, I haven't seen any as of yet. I'm not sure what to expect. I'm really confused/concerned. The more I read online the more confused I get. Some places I read say you will see results right away and others say it takes a few months. I've seen nothing. I don't get how I see NOTHING. I look at everyone's pics and there are differences within a few days.

I know it's only been a few days but I'm hoping someone else will know. I see a lot of people who have this done on their stomach area but not so much on lower body.

I don't go back to the dr. for a follow up till Friday so any advice till then would be helpful.


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Updated on Jun 13, 2010:

UPDATE – It's been almost 2 months now and there are definitely changes now. I guess it's true, it does take a few months. I can tell that I still really need more skin tightening in my outer thighs so I am expecting even more of a change in months to come. So far I am pretty happy with the results, I am just very impatient. I do hope there is more of a change in the front view, I'm not happy with that yet. I will post more pics as I make more progress.

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Lipo is Done, No Tummy Tuck Required!

Worth It
Spent: $5,500 in Canada

I'm scheduled to have a mini tummy tuck and smart lipo in a couple of weeks. During my consult, the doctor said that due to the location of my hip bones and ribs, I can work out as often as I'd like, but I'll never have a waist. With the procedure he's going to create one.

I've noticed that most of the comments on here are from women who've already had kids. Has anyone had experience with this procedure before pregnancy? I do hope to have kids some day, but definitely not within the next 5-10 years. Thanks!


Updated June 10, 2010:

So I had my lipo done yesterday. Originally I was scheduled to have lipo and a mini tuck (just to remove skin, no muscle repair), but I woke up after the surgery and much to my surprise (and JOY!) the Dr. told me he didn't have to do the tuck, the skin did it's own thing and worked out fine. So excited! I am of course bruised and swollen, and leaking like crazy, but I can already see amazing results. Can't wait to see the end results :)

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Smartlipo Upper and Lower Stomach/Flanks

Worth It
Spent: $6,000 in San Diego, CA

I had my consultation on 3/5/10. I meet with a board certified Plastic Surgeon, They were wonderful, He told me what was realistic to expect at my young age of 48. I am 5’6 145LB. I have done alot of research for over a year, and I am glad that I choose a JACHO accredited Surgery Center to have this done and I will be under General Anestheia,They estimate the procedure will last about an 1 1/2 hours. I am having my surgery tomorrow 3/18/10, I am nervous!!! I have all my meds filled and bought a shower curtain to place on my bed, as they say alot of fluid leakage. I will post pre-op photos and post op photos after the procedure. Wish me Luck!! I have been having anxiety all day and just want tomorrow to come and wake up on Friday.. Will keep you posted on how it goes..

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Updated on Mar 24, 2010:

Day 1-Arrived at the Surgery center in San Diego for a surgery at 1130am.I was given a nice wardrobe to change into, so very cach’e.. I love the blue and I got this great Purple Gown that had a hose that hooked up to what looked like a blow dryer to keep you warm,witch was wonderful since those surgery centers are kept at 65 degrees…. anyway mu doctor came in and went over the procedure with me and then took photos. He asked me if I wanted him to be aggresive or moderate. He explained by going aggresive that it may leave un eveness in the skin so I said Pass!! just go moderate.  Well I think he went aggressive anyway!I was rolled in to suregery room and was given my general ansethisa, I donot remember anything until I woke up. I had alot of burning in my abdoman so I was given an IV injection of some sort and 2 perkacet. that did the trick right away, Feeling no pain now. And off home I went. My husband was wonderful.First night up every two hours going potty..Drinking tons of water and gatorade.Norco for pain every 4 hours.Day 2-Horrible. I was in so much pain could not get out of bed, My wonderful husband placed a belt on my canopy so I had something to use to pull myself up.I had to go to doctor that afternoon for my postop check, I was miserable, In alot of pain. He took the bandages off and said I looked great. The leaking was starting to slow now. I went right back home and went to bed. Slept all day on pain meds.Day 3- I felt a little better and thought I could stop the pain meds and take tylenol. My husbadn washed my hair for me and I washed the blood out of the garment Iw as wearing. I go really dizzy when I removed it and had to lay down, Becareful when you do this that you have someone with you. I think they took 300cc from me, is what I was told. The itching started this day and it was brutal. So I found Benadryl it works and helps you sleep.Day 4- OMG I woke up with my whole pubic are so swollen when looked down I could not see the floor. Black and Blue everywhere. down my inner thight, all over my butt and under my arms .. Thank God I knew this would happen. But the leaking has stopped and I can remove the shower curtain off my bed. Yippee!! Oh and by the way I have not had a bowel movement since surgery, So I decided to take a Womens laxative to help me along,Day 5- Today was the check up with the doctors office to see how I am progressing. I am still really swollen and could not get on any of my jeans or pants for that matter. I had to wear streatchey PANTSS!!! ( not to happy about that) When I go to the doc. He told me I was looking really good and that all the numbness and itching was normal. All the bruising and swelling was normal and tha tI could expect to see swelling on and off for 5 to 6 months. He told me this is not like an instant gratification like getting a hair cut. It is Surgery and you have to be patient. I was really depressed and in alot of pain after a long day of working and driving around, And no Pain medication on board. Well wouldnt you know it. Rigth while I am in the docs office waiting form y exam, WHAM! I got to go, I mean I got to go Right Now!So after 5 days of no … you know.. I have to invade the doctors rest room. It was not good. I was exhausted and went home feeling very weak. I was in so much pain by 900pm I was crying and could not move so Back on the pain pills I went. I woke up every 3 1.2. hours to take the pain meds, and itch a little. It was a long night.Day 6-I woke up this morning still very swollen nothing has changed. I am still in pain like someone has stretched my skin really tight over my hips, The garment seems to be getting looser so I had my Husband Cinch it down for me this morning, I had a full shower and feel nice and clean, I think I am going to stay on my pain meds for another few days. It is not worth trying to get off them and them have it all hit you at one time. I have a very low tolerance for Pain and bruise easily so I eally am struggling with the constant pain. not to mention the bruising, And No sex!! How long does this last? No one every metions this. I am newly married only two years and my husband did not want me to do this but, I assured him it was no big deal and I would be up and running  in about a week,++ NOT SO MUCH+++Thank God for such a wonderful understanding man. I am really very hopeful that when this is all over and I am on my way to Turks and Caios in September I will look the way I want to in a bikini. I am going to continue to wear my garment for the 6 weeks doc recommends. and then switch to spanx.. I will post new pictures when I am all finished healing… 

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Abdomen with Full Waist and Inner Thigh – Need Advice

Not Sure
Spent: $7,000 in California, CA

I am a mother of 2, 5 yrs and 3 yrs old. I have a lil belly. I have an appt scheduled on 5/19/10. I have seen many reviews, pros and cons. I am really worried now and dont know if I should proceed or to cancel :(

Like many others, I felt like I was pressure into paying upfront for the surgery. The patient consultant was friendly, yes but not professional. She didnt even weigh or measure me. All she did was asked me to lift up my shirt and drop my pants. She took a glimpse at it and quoted me of $11,400. I was shocked because I am 5'1 and about 138lbs but mostly muscle. I am only really having problems with my abdomen and maybe the waist too but thought I can get a better discount if i did the thighs too. I told her that I read many reviews and dont remember it being this $$$$…OMG! Then she was like, okay $8000 and thats the best I can do. I was like no, i cant do that neither. Then she said okay, $7000 and its the lowest I can go. Oh man, did i feel like I was buying a car. BLEH

Anyways, my concern is… do i really want to proceed or seek another clinic that will have an actual doctor or something to do the initial exam? is 7000 decent, given the areas I m having the surgery for? your advice is greatly appreciated…thx in advance =D

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Updated on Apr 23, 2010:

Pros – 1) they have board certified surgeons

2) they specializes in this area; whereas, other centers may include laser hair removal and breast augmentation.

3) The staffs are very friendly

I will post updates when I get the surgery


Updated on May 27, 2010:

I had my surgery last week (5/19/10). The surgery itself was not bad.

Pros: Dr and assistant was very professional; minor pain; provides super absorbent pads to minimize leak in car and bed; pleasant setting; friendly staffs; provides a compression garment; and Board certified surgeons.

Cons: The recovery process (very…very uncomfortable). My lower ab is swollen and discolored :( As for result, I havent notice any changes in the stomach but the flanks are definitely gone. The inner thigh is the same but I was already told that the thigh will take a lil longer for result. I didnt take any pain meds post-op so that may have contributed to the discomfort in the recovery process.

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Smart Lipo/Vaser on Abdomen, Love Handles and Posterior Bra Line

Not Worth It
Spent: $5,000 in Philadelphia, PA

It’s been 2 months since my procedure and I have to say at this point it was a total waste of money. I had my abdomen, love handles and posterior bra line done and see minimal changes. I am told that it takes up to 6 months to see the final result, but can’t imagine waking up at the 6 month mark and seeing a difference. I am 5’4", weigh 128 pounds and am not overweight – just had a little muffin top and could pinch more than an inch at the bra line and abdomen.Please research your dr.’s – check for malpractice suits, if they are plastic surgeon board certified – this is really important. If you have a friend that is an attorney, have them run your dr name through the system – some law suits are pending and not available for public records yet.I know of 2 people that had SL done and they are botched – horrible results that are not able to be fixed without major surgery.If I had to do over, I would have gone the traditional liposuction route. Good luck and do your research!

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SmartLipo on Upper and Lower Abs

Not Sure
Spent: $7,200 in Wichita, KS

Well its been just under a week.I went in for a consultation, and told them i was due to fly out in less than a month for work, and less than a week for a trip out of state. They explained the procedure and the cost. I left the office and less the 20 minutes later got a call that said would be done the next morning!!I had lost nearly 80 pounds and had a big belly of alot of skin and fat i could not work off.The procedure lasted about 5 hours and the only real discomfort was when the probe was worked around my navel area. I went home and rested that day and the next morning went in for the band replacement after draining. This is wednesday. Thursday morning I drove to the airport and took a flight to California from Kansas. Not much discomfort at all.It is now day 5 and i am swollen and the bruising is really starting to develop. I had the procedure done as i wanted to be able to look good on the beach in May. Ya i dont think anyone is gonna want to see my belly for awhile. I am anxious to see the results in a few months and have high hopes cuz love handles are next!!

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Be Prepared – Abs, Flanks, Inner Thighs

Worth It
Spent: $6,600 in Lincoln, NE

Had abs, flanks & inner thighs done 4-15-10. It's now 4-17-10. Here's the scoop.

Drink lots of water everyday for a couple weeks pre-op and take the Arnica as directed (I'm not bruising much.) Cut back on salt. Day of- make sure to wear DARK colored sweats. You will be leaking bloody fluid like a sieve when you are done at the dr office. I had this done in a different city and had to return to a hotel. Believe me you wouldn't want to walk in there with blood soaked clothing on!

As for the procedure, I took 2 Darvacet at 8am. My appt was at 9, procedures began at 9:30. About 9am they game me valium. I was pretty relaxed by the time the procedure began. I can't even describe the way it all feels. The shots sting a little, the numbing fluid they put into you feels wierd, the laser was the least strange feeling, and the suctioning really hurt in certain areas. Like a really hard pinching. But when it was done it was done. no lasting pain, but it would take you by surprise. I think my thighs were the most painful. Anyway my 4 areas took about 3 hours to do. When they stand you up from the table when you are finished, fluid will just pour out of you onto the floor. I had 12 incisions in all. They will put bandages and dressings on the incisions, then get you into your compression garment. It will be immediately soaked! I would recommend wearing a rain suit home if you have one. If not- remember to wear DARK colored sweat suit.

I really was not in any pain. The nurse took me back to my hotel and said I would be better off to just not wear any clothes, just the compression garment. So that's what I did. The dr. office bave me a bunch of blue pads to use to cover chairs, etc with. I had also taken a plastic shower curtain liner to cover the bed with, then layed the blue pads over that. I laid on my back and tucked blue pads under my bra to cover my stomach area as to not get the sheets all stained. Everytime you get up from laying or sitting the fluid just pours out. i found it helpful to blot with paper towels so it wasn't running down your legs. I used about a whole roll of towels.

Another tip for those of you going out of town and staying alone in a hotel – make sure to bring food with you. You are not able to go out and about with all the leaking, so you will be confined to your room for about 24 hours. Pizza and chinese are full of salt- so you probably don't want to order out for those!

Again I was not in alot of pain. Only when i moved from sitting or laying I have a realy burning sensation. Took darvacet day of, but only taking and occasional Tylenol now.

I went back for my post op appt at 11am on the 16th- about 24 hours after procedure. They took off the dressings and both the nurse and the dr separately thought I was going to have very good results. My stomach looked flatter, but have a bulgy area still full of fluid. Can't really tell on my thighs- Dr said this is the area that takes longest to tighten up- 2 to 3 months.

When I got home last night and was able to strip down and take a shower I took some pictures. I see that I have some swelling and bruising in my genital area- probably because the compression garment isn't compressing as much there! Dr said it is good to walk and I can do some stuff with hand weights. No jogging or other strenuous exercise for 2 weeks.

I will post before and 1 day post op pics now. Will try to update pics at weekly intervals. I appreciated being able to see other posts when I was deciding to do this.

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Updated on Jun 24, 2010:

It's been10 weeks today. I don't feel I've seen much progress since week 3. I have lost 5 1/2" from my lower abs and 2" from waist and 1 1/4" from inner thighs since procedure. Wehn I saw doc after 6 weeks he said I should see more tightening, but thighs and flanks take the longest and to be patient. Finally, the burning pain has gone away from my abs!!! Took about 8 weeks to get better!

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Abs, Love Handles, Flanks, Thighs… Review in Progress

Worth It
Spent: $6,000 in La Jolla, CA

After lurking on the board reading other people’s experiences and reviews, I got a little nervous about my SmartLipo procedure on March 31st. In the past, I had liposuction performed, on my inner and outer thighs and knees. I was unhappy with the results of my liposuction and had gained weight in my stomach and "muffin top". I was also unhappy with the scars left behind from my liposuction procedure that I had in 2003.Fyi.. I am a 35 yo active female who has always had "problem" areas even though I am quite active. I am 5"4, 148 and wear a size 8.I was very nervous about the procedure and asked for the strongest dosage of medicine, listened to my ipod and had to request for a towel to be placed over my eyes because I did not want to see any needles or blood. The doctor gave me some laughing gas in addition to my valium. I tried to take deep breaths, but still felt the quick sting of the initial incision. The incisions were made really quickly and the lidocaine was inserted quickly. This was the most uncomfortable part of the procedure for me. The lasering of the fat felt like I was getting a deep tissue massage. Near the end of the procedure, I did feel a lot more pain when the incisions were being made. I assume it was because my medication was starting to wear off. However, my doctor was great and would stop immediately when I did wince or complain of pain.I drove 2 hours from los angeles to la jolla with a friend. After the procedure, she drove me back to los angeles. I rested for 4 days and just lounged around the house. I felt stiff and admit that it was tough bending down to use the toilet. In addition, since I have passed out in the past after liposuction when I took off my garment, I actually wore my garment in the shower and washed myself with the garment on. When I was done showering. I l sat on the floor and took the garment and bandages off (just in case I might faint). No fainting this time around, but I did feel a slight burning sensation when the water hit the incision mark on my love handles.

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Smart Lipo Yesterday

Worth It
Spent: $2,800 in Oklahoma, OK

First I want to thank everyone on this site. I found it to have the best information out there. So, here is my story to help others as well.I had my Smart Lipo yesterday. So, I know I will not see all of the results for a while. I did not tell my dear husband I was doing this, so I have had to be creative in hiding it. So, far he does not know. Work has him a little preoccupied,so that has helped. I stayed home from work the day of the procedure, but I am back at work today. I did not take the heavy drugs, instead opted for the light ones. I am only using Tylenol today. I have very little pain. I am on Ceohalexin to help prevent infection.The Dr. and the office staff were wonderful. I am a bigger women, so I was not sure how this was going to go, time will tell. As the swelling goes down I will post my before and after pictures. I have a lot of bruising (hiding this is going to require a lot of finesse).A couple of things that will help anyone having this in the future, especially if you are slightly bigger.Get two of the garments- The first day I had to wash mine several times as I leaked all over it.Get the thick maxi pads, it will help.Take the ArnicaMy friends are telling me they already see a difference. I will have to look at my pictures.

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Updated on Apr 15, 2010:Sorry, I had my upper and lower abs done! TOday the pain is a little worse, but nothing that I can not just handle with Tylenol.

Updated on Apr 17, 2010:I am on day 4. So, far the pain has been ok. The pelvic area under my last roll is a purple color. It seems that is where everything settled. I think that my take a while to go away. Other than that you can see from the pictures, I have a little brusing.I went to work everyday except the day of surgery. I walked 5 miles everyday,except the day of surgery. I have had trouble getting into my dress clothes, so no size 8’s for me this week. It’s a good thing I had not thrown away my 10’s yet. I think I can finally see some changes today. You know how when you are fat and you want to see how skinny you can be by sucking in you gut… Well when I do that now, I see the women I want to be. Hopefully, as I heal I will get there.I am sure I am going to hell for this. I have been able to keep it from my husband. He was so busy with work all week; I just got him interested in himself and what was going on and redirected everything away from me. This weekend, (here is the going to hell part), I planted the seed that I really think he is getting sick and needs to take some extra precautions to make sure it didn’t become a full fledged sickness, sleep extra, take vitamins, no sex, etc. This again has taken the focus off of me and back on to him. I don’t want any one to take this the wrong way. He loves me! he is also a great husband. He just does not understand that now matter how much over the last 1 ½, I exercise, this belly fat is not going away. Nor does it bother him. I am doing this for myself. I seem to be going through a mid life crisis. I want to be hot. I look at all of the beautiful young ladies on this board and wish my stomach looked like theirs, even before their surgery.Just to give a little back round on myself, about Nov of 09, I started having attacks. My doctor kept saying I was having small heart attacks. The 4th one and the worse up until then, was in Jan of 09. At that time they sent me to a heart specialist. I went through a bunch of tests and they could not find anything wrong. I was 5’4, and 190 lbs. So, once I got the clean bill of health I decided I had to do something about my weight, or I was not going to see my grand kids grow up. So, I started working out with friend’s everyday. Looking back at the last year is more like a comedy act. In Mar 09, I was walking and fell, my head bounced off the street and I split my head open. I got 15 stitches across my forehead for that. You would think that would have slowed me down, but no, I went back for more. In May, I had the worse attack and pain I had ever had in my life, (yep is felt worse that childbirth). To make a long story shorter, I went to the minor emergency; he said it was a urinary tract infection! I waited a hour more, then when I could not get off the floor and was screaming in pain, called to get a ride to the hospital, there, they found that I had a gallstone the size a of golf ball. They also found a large cyst (I am post menopausal). So, I had emergency surgery to remove the stone, doc said it was the biggest he has ever removed. He brought in the OB to look at the cyst while he was in there (all laparoscopically). That was on a Tuesday and I was back to work on Friday.Before they could do anything with the cyst, I had to get tested for cancer etc.. So, I got that done then had all of girly parts out in July. It was on a Wed and back to work on Monday.By the end of the summer I had lost 50 pounds. My belly still looked the same to me. So, here we are 4 day after my procedure.I also want to add, that I still find it weird to pee with garment on. I keep checking to see if it worked or do I need to go wash it.

Updated on Apr 24, 2010:Day 10-Doing much better really starting to see those results. I finally found some Arnica cream. I really think it helps alot.

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