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Smart Lipo on Neck, Still Lumpy Appearance

Worth It
Spent: $1,500 in Memphis, TN

I had Smart Lipo on my neck five weeks ago. I am not overweight, but had a large double chin and felt very self-conscious about it.My fat neck is now gone and my jawline is defined, but underneath my chin is very lumpy and embarrassing looking. I have been using the ultrasound massage tool every day, but still have the lumps. Has anyone had this experience with their neck/chin lipo, and will the lumps go away?

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Smart Lipo for Back, Flanks, Abdomen, Love Handles, Inner and Outer Thighs – Not Sure if It Was Worth It.

Not Sure
Spent: $4,000 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I got my back, flanks, abdomen, love handles, inner and outer thighs done. I was pretty happy with the price considering all of the areas I had done. Florida law states that they can only remove up to 8 pounds per session. I’m not necessarily all that chunky so I was able to do all of those areas. If you have a lot of fat in one area, I suggest you stick to few areas or you wont see the results all that well.I had the procedure done about two and a half weeks ago and was sedated during the procedure. The doctor applied local anesthesia to the areas he needed to work on, and they gave me something to make me sleep through an i.v. I was NOT under general anesthesia, I was told this would help me heal quicker.I was in an out in about three hours and was given pain killers. I did have some leakage but only for the first day and it wasn’t all that bad. As for the pain, it was pretty bad for the first two days, It was really hard for me to get in and out of bed but I think the fact that I did areas in my front AND my back had a lot to do with it. The doctor gave me plenty of pain medication but I stopped taking it after two days since by then it felt like more of a soreness fro working out.As for the compression garment, I don’t know if they all come like this, but mine is crotchless. This helps a lot when going to the bathroom. I didn’t have to pull it down to pee with spared me a lot of pain. I suggest you all get crotchless compression garments. I was told to wear it for two weeks and that is when I can continue exercising as well.As for the bruising, I had minimal bruising in all areas which went away after a few days, except for my inner thighs. My inner thighs were pretty bad, they became purple, and even now, two and a half weeks later, there is still some bruising. This is mainly my fault because I was told to keep my legs elevated which I didn’t do for the first few days. This is important if you do your legs! try to limit the blood flow to your legs by keeping them elevated and your bruising shouldn’t be bad.As far as results go, I do see a difference but it is minimal and I have quite a bit of hardness, which feels like scar tissue in some areas, and i still have numbness in a couple of areas. I am told that the hardness and numbness is a result of swelling. Everyone keeps telling me that it takes up to 8 weeks for you to see the actual results so that is what is keeping my hope alive. Like I said, I’m less than 3 weeks in, so I’m not a good reference but at this point I’d say the results so far aren’t worth it.The hardness is really worrying me, so I looked into it and everyone says to get lymphatic drainage massages. My doctor said I can’t take any anti-inflammatory medication but that the massages would help speed up the healing process. I got two different massages at two different location and the second person was very knowledgeable. She suggested I keep wearing the compression garment as long as I can because it will prevent fluid build up and uneven results. I don’t mind the garment, so I will follow her advice. She recommends having the massage once a week until I am fully healed. I waited until now to do them but if your pain isn’t too bad I suggest you start having them done as soon as possible as it will give you better results. Basically a lymphatic drainage massage helps you eliminate toxins out of your body and excess fluids. Also it will stimulate your immune system so you should heal faster.You should drink lots of water to help clean out your system and try to eat food that are easy to digest. This will help your body focus more on the healing process, instead of using up "energy" to digest junk food. Also, do not apply ice to the areas treated. I know that normally you would apply ice to swollen or bruising areas but this is a result of surgery. It doesn’t work the same way, it will actually prolong your healing. I have a follow up appointment in a week and hopefully I will notice a bigger change by then.Also, to be honest I didn’t take any before pictures or take any measurements. They took all of that at my pre-op appt. Maybe when I go there and compare, I will realize how much of a change there is. People have told me they can see a difference, and people who dont know i’ve had it done say I’ve lost a lot of weight.Now that I’ve passed the two week mark I’ve started working out again. Having a lot less fat to burn has really motivated me and I’m enjoying my workouts. I’ll try to update you on my progress. I’m really hoping the massages help!If I’ve left anything out that anyone has questions on, I’d be glad to answer them.

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Had Smart Lipo on Tummy About 2 Weeks Ago

Worth It
Spent: $5,500 in Sherman Oaks, CA

I am a 26 yr old female, and I had SmartLipo about 2 weeks ago. I have to admit the experience during the procedure was a bit uncomfortable but nothing more than some pinching and stinging. I am still a little bruised, but I bruise very easily.I was in a lot of pain the first day but with the pain Rx I was perfectly content. EVERY day I get smaller and smaller. From reading the other reviews I would say that most of the people who had negative results are older than 35 and didnt have good elasticity in their skin to begin with. I am very happy with my results even now with all of the swelling. You will definitely look flatter on your tummy even right after the procedure even with all of the swelling. I would recommend this for anyone who is trying to lose those pesky 10-15lbs like me, and remember…TO GET THE BEST RESULTS YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW ALL OF THE PRE OP AND POST OP INSTRUCTIONS. ALSO- USE THE ARNICA GEL AND ARNICA TABLETS RELIGIOUSLY TO HELP WITH BRUISING AND SWELLING. THEY WORK WONDERS AND HELP WITH SORENESS!I would have this procedure again in a heartbeat.

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Wish I Did This in my Twentys

Worth It
Spent: $7,000 in Washington, WA

Just had my smart lipo done just over 48 hours ago. The first day I had to have my wife, God bless her heart, help me to get out of bed. She has even held a container for me to pee in so I would not have to get out of bed.Back in 06 I tried to do this but, it was before SL and I felt like crap for a week. By the second day with smart lipo I could get out of bed. The third (today) was a little harder because I am out of pain meds. There has been minimal bruising unlike the conventional way and the swelling has just now started.I have attached pics of the before and after. I wish I had documented it before because I did not see a difference/ I went through 6 weeks of pain for nothing. And the doctor kept claiming I was just swollen. Oh man the conventional was hurt like mad. On like the third when my wife was changing my dressings I past out.This was totally well worth it. The doctor did such a good job he wants to use me for his before and after story. PS if the sounds weird it is because I am so drugged up I can barely see. you know you never know how big you are until you look at the pictures of your self. i will up date until the 4th mnth.

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Updated on Mar 22, 2010:

Updated on Mar 27, 2010:

Ok here is my update for week 1.
 Originally when I did this procedure not only was it for appearance, because lets face it who wants a muffin top, but I also did it for my career in the military. The thing with the military is it is all about appearance. With my uniform on it is very difficult to tell I had the love handles and belly because I have always had broad shoulders so people would be surprised when I would tell them I was flagged, meaning barred from reenlistment, promotions, awards, and any favorable actions. For a one to two inches extra on my mid-section. Heck even now with where I am at I am still only good by a half an inch. The thing is too that no matter how hard I worked I could never lose the fat in that area. It did not matter that the extra fat did anything to effect my job or performance. I can max out the army physical fitness test, road march like there is no tomorrow, do my job as a NCO (read sergeant) leading soldiers, and medically my cholesterol and blood pressure has always been what it was when I joined at 21, a 135 cholesterol and a 120/80 BP.
 Well anyways the reason I bring this up is because now I am beginning to get worried. I have to work out, its my job. And not just workout on my own but in a group with my entire company, and as an NCO I will have to lead that workout session at times as well. But I am getting worried because I find it hard just sit up straight let alone work out. The hardness in my abdomen area is what is worrying me. When we went in I was worried about passing my height and weight this May and now I am worried about passing the physical fitness test because of the sit-up portion. My abs feel like someone glued my skin together underneath. It hurts to bend over to tie my shoes and it hurts to stretch my arms over my head. I began to swell up a bit which I expected but that seems to be residing. But the hardness sucks. If I sit up for any given time I develop a hard belly roll just over my belt line and that is with my pants unbuttoned or sweats on, nothing tight. But if I ice it before I go to bed it seems to go away by the morning. Sometimes I feel like my stomach is some kind of modeling clay. The skin yesterday felt like it was on fire I am assuming that is because my feeling is coming back but it is gone today.
 The stupid garment that everyone refers to as a wrestling singlet seems to have been made for someone three inches shorter is because it compresses my spine, is riding up my butt crack, and leaving permanent marks on my shoulders and I wake up in the morning with pain in my lower back. I called my PS to see if I can just wear a wrap around my mid-section only and was told I have to wear the singlet still for 24hrs for the next week still and an additional 4 weeks after for half a day. When I first talked to them they told me of the swelling and the numbness, but not the hardening and I swear they told me one week for the garment and the second week for half a day.
 So how am I feeling for week 1, somewhat regretful, and worried.

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Smart Lipo on Lower Abs and Flanks, 2nd Day and Feeling Good. Procedure Was Not As I Expecter

Worth It
Spent: $3,800 in Vienna, VA

I am on my second day of laser lipo on lower abs and flanks. I work out regularly and eat healthy, but could not get rid of these areas.I was very anxious the day of surgery. My doctor and his staff were wonderful, caring and very informative throughout the process. Got on Adavan to help me relax, an another half hour later. Then a talk with my Doctor and onto the bed. On a scale of 1 to 10 the pain was a 2 maybe. The procedure took about 3 hours, but really no severe pain, just some pushing and tugging and more pressure than anything else. You need a ride home though. Very tired when I got home and went to sleep right away. Slept well through the night.I am wearing the garment now and was advised that when I take it off to try to have somebody to help me and do it very, very slowly as to not get nauseated.Still no major pain. After reading a lot of the reviews I expected much more discomfort, but of course every one is different. I will try to upload some before and after pics in a while. So far so good….

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Updated on Mar 19, 2010:

Update today is March 19 three days postsurgery and I am doing good. There was little draining and I took of my garment and washed it this morning. Felt good to take it off, can become very itchy at times.Had my first check up with my doctor and he is very pleased with the healing process. He did tell me to keep on wearing my garment and after a week for 12 hours, at night, would be good. He also advised me to not wear anything with an elastic, even underwear, as it may cause a permanent indentation in the skin.Hanky Panky makes great panties for this kind of thing. Got myself three of them in nice spring colors. So far I am loving my results and although I am still swollen, there is very little brusing, I can see my "new" shape forming.Will keep you updated….

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My Recovery from SmartLipo for Extra Skin and Abdominal Ponch

Worth It
Spent: $3,000 in Edmonton, AB

I'm 48yrs old, slim at 122lbs, 5'1". I've had 4 children over the course of 26yrs; my last two after 31yrs old. My 1st two babies were LARGE and I had extra skin and a ponch that was bugging me. At 48yrs old, love handles and ponch getting worse. So…I did smartlipo 2 wks ago.

I didn't find the procedure very painful until the sculpting part started. Then it got worse, I received more 'drugs' and my blood pressure dropped VERY low and I don't remember anything after that till I woke up. I had to stay a couple hours extra because of my blood pressure issue.

The idea of returning to work the day after is ludicrous and I can't believe people do it. I have a high pain tolerance, but glad I took time off. The burning and discomfort is worse then the medical sites let on. I had significant bruising and fluid build up. This got much worse a week later and concerned, my doc gave me anti-inflammatories, diruetics and antibiotics. This helped significantly.

I have small little lumps that have formed and my belly button looks like an anus its so constricted. My GF had this done too 8mths ago and she said hers did the same thing and at the 2mth mark, she noted significant improvement in that regard. I don't know why, but I intuitively started massage on my own and do it every day. After reading this site, I see that this will help.

I'm hopeful I'll be happy with the results. My ponch is gone, but the hopes of wearing a bikini are tainted with this cellulite look and tightness of my belly button. I had a smooth belly with no stretch marks and this looks awful to me. Ya, in clothes the ponch and waist are smaller, but I was semi-comfortable in a bikini prior to this procedure and hope I will be again in a few months.

I'm still experiencing some discomfort to the touch, but all in all after 2 weeks the pain has subsided considerably. Hoping for great results at the 3 mth mark.

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Updated on Jun 25, 2010:

Had the touch up June 9th. Added photos from the Day after and then a couple weeks later. Much more bruising, but not near as painful afterwards. Some swelling still by end of day if I don't wear spanx. But still wear them at night for sure. I think I'm going to be much more pleased with the results. Time will tell!

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