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Absolutely love my results!

Smart Lipo: Was worth it
Cost: $3,250
Pain: Uncomfortable
Satisfaction: Excellent

I have been trying to get rid of my poochy tummy for the past 10 years. Once I hit my 30’s, the fat settled into my belly and would not leave. I hike, bike, and workout about 5 times a week and am about 5’3’ and 118 pounds. The final straw was when my brother looked at my belly and asked me if I had happy news to tell the family.
I had my SmartLipo procedure 6 weeks ago and have been happy with it from day one. I finally have a stomach that is in proportion to the rest of my body.
The procedure itself is a blur since I was given something to relax during the surgery. I barely felt the shot, and, while I could feel things going on under my skin, it wasn’t uncomfortable. The worst part was the anxiety before the surgery. My husband picked me up afterwards and I spent the next few hours sleeping. The pain afterwards wasn’t even bad enough for me to take Tylenol. That said, I had to wear things that did not cause pressure on my stomach for a couple of weeks. I found skirts to be most comfortable.
The websites on SmartLipo say that there is no down time and I have read that on this site also. I think it depends on your definition of down time. I had the surgery on a Friday and was able to go back to work on Monday, but I certainly could not do many of my regular activities.
The day after the surgery, I felt like I had done way too many sit-ups. My abs were really sore and I felt sluggish. I did have enough energy to go shopping on Sunday. Bending over to pick up something off of the floor or to do laundry was really uncomfortable. It took about a week for me to be comfortable bending. I am very active and not being able to ride my bike or work out for 2 or 3 weeks counts as down time to me. It took about three weeks before I could comfortably workout, and, even at 6 weeks, I swell up after mountain biking.
At six weeks, my skin is still a little tender, but I am feeling like the healing is 90% complete. The photos show the night before the surgery and me at 6 weeks post surgery. Keep in mind that I looked flatter on Saturday morning before I went mountain biking, so my photo does reflect some swelling.
Even with the swelling, I am so much smaller than I was before the surgery. I no longer start my day with, “What combination of pants and top will hide my belly the best”. That is a great feeling!
I am rating the pain as uncomfortable because I think that the recover pain level needs to be reflected in the rating.

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