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Horrific experience – extremely painful – too new to see results but would not recommend to worst enemy

Smart Lipo: Was not worth it
Cost: $12,000
Pain: Worst possible
Satisfaction: Good

I went into my procedure 5’6", 120lbs, age 44 with a few trouble areas: outer thighs, upper/lower tummy, back rolls, mozilla side boobs. I am very fit for my age – no kids. However, I suffered life-altering injuries 20 yrs ago and I was in a wheelchair for 1.5 yrs. Due to the difficult recovery from that accident, I developed problem areas of fat that won’t go away and now have significant cellulite issues.
I am very modest but in the Summer like to wear a midriff which I have not done in 20 yrs since my accident because I hated my stomach appearance. I thought SmartLipo was the answer – I have done mesotherapy, countless workout routines including personal fitness training etc and nothing worked. I only wanted my tummy done but after consulting with a prominent La Jolla doc, who said SmartLipo is a piece of cake and urged me to do the other areas…gee, I am already under anaesthesia…, off I went to surgery.
I had five areas done in Nov 2007. My outer thighs are smooth as a baby’s butt!!! My stomach is ruined with lumps and sagging skin – I cannot believe I ruined my nice body over a little protruding tummy…it hurts like hell too. I take Vicodin every couple hours just to get through the day.
Recovery wise, I could not get dressed for 6 days. My crotch is bigger than my dog’s head. My back boobs and love handles are slightly improved but I am still horribly swollen and bruised so only time will tell. One side of my waistlibe is more sculpted than the other and on my small frame it really is obvious.
It was the most painful thing I have experienced in my life – I have been through a lot and am a "tough" girl when it comes to pain – this was awful. despite the results, I would never have willingly gone through the recovery – I was not well-informed.
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