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My new figure thanks to laser lipo

Smart Lipo: Was worth it
Cost: $7,500
Pain: Uncomfortable
Satisfaction: Excellent

I haven’t heard much about laser lipo on the Internet so that wasn’t much help in deciding to have it done. I actually picked a doctor and went for a consultation before I had even heard about it. He told me it was a better, faster way to do lipo and I am sold on the results.
The laser melts the fat so the doctor can suction it out easier. I had it done on my abs, flanks, hips and inner thighs. I went home the same day and the pain did seem to be less than what other people were experiencing with traditional lipo. It was tender like getting something pierced but that’s it.
The results appeared in about a week. There was hardly any swelling so I could already see my abdominal muscles starting to “pop.” My thighs were about the same but I knew that they would get smaller as the swelling went down. There also wasn’t a lot of bruising since the surgery is less invasive (I have seen documentaries on liposuction and it is violent). This wasn’t like that at all.
After three weeks I could really see the results and I love my new figure! Everyone comments on my body and asks what I did to get there so fast. They can’t believe I had lipo because I wasn’t bedridden for weeks. I even went clubbing a week after surgery.
Laser lipo is awesome and I would recommend it to anyone with lingering baby fat. I don’t know why regular lipo is so popular when this procedure is so fantastic but I think that will change once word gets out!

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