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Derm Exclusive Overview

When we get older there always comes a time when we are searching for products to make us look younger. Sometimes those products do not work or we do not follow through with them, so eventually we look to surgery. Surgery is a great thing, but it has its’ downfalls as well. I have seen people have lipo surgery and have some great results and I have seen some with bad results. More good then bad, but the possibility is there.

So with that being said there are certain people who will never opt for surgery just for the simple fact that there is a chance of something bad going on . Face lifts are a common surgery that can give people a nice 5-10 year reverse on their face. Again some people look great after a facelift and some people look like well… they had a face lift.


We have been looking at Derm Exclusive and wanted to show you this Derm Exclusive Review and get your thoughts on it.  This product is non evasive meaning no surgery. Just a simple regimen to follow. In fact watch this video to see how it is actually used.

As you can see it is pretty straight forward and very easy to follow. How about that Fill & Freeze. Pretty cool.

Here are the basic essentials to Derm Exclusive

  • Fill & Freeze Wrinkle Treatment
  • Micro Peel Resurfacing Pads
  • Intensive Repair Serum
  • Collagen Lift
  • Facial Cleansers
  • Age Defense Moisturizer SPF 30
  • Volume Lip Therapy SPF 15

Some Awesome Ingredients

  • Argireline and Myoxinol: 
    Powerful peptides that help relax facial muscles to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by repeated facial movements
  • Matrixyl 3000: 
    Helps promote collagen production and stimulates the skin to restore itself naturally, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by decreasing their volume and depth
  • Glycolic Acid:
    Sweeps away dead skin cells to reveal clear, even, and radiant skin tone
  • Ultrasomes:
    Enzymes that speed up your skin’s natural repair process to help reduce everyday sun damage
  • Collaxyl:
    Boosts collagen production and helps to prevent sagging, while also reducing the appearance of wrinkles

At the end of the day why would you not try a system like this rather then spending $1,000’s of dollars on a face lift. Again there have been many successful face lifts, but I would also try a more non evasive approach the first time.

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I always had firm jowls and a slight double chin that I felt made my neck look shorter. I decided to have the jowls and under chin lipo-sculpted, and had the surgery 8 days ago. Immediately after the surgery (smart lipo) I did not have any bruising and very minimal swelling. Which is great, but I don't see any changes! I just took a photo to compare with my pre-ops and I LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME!!!even my sister has told me there is no difference whatsoever.

I have minimal pain now and the scar is almost unnoticeable. I am so very upset at having thrown away all this money :( How could this be possible? the assistant told me when they finished the surgery that they had taken our almost 50 units of fat, you'd think that would make a difference. Has anyone experienced something like this?

Updated on 9 Dec 2010:
12 weeks later (see new photo). As I suspected, the area where I felt the most numbness is where I had the most change (right side). The doctor said he could go back but to give it more time because the swelling. I looks better, I must say, but nothing dramatic. Oh well. I have an appointment soon and I'll decide if I have to have surgery again. my left side is basically the same as pre-surgery, and the back of the neck is the same.

Updated on 15 May 2011:
It’s been 8 months now, and the “spongyness” that I felt on my neck has gone away. I don’t have a 90 degree angle on my neck as I wanted because the structure of my neck will simply not let that happen, but when I clench my jaw I no longer have the slight bulldog-like jowls I used to have. Also, I’ve lost about 5 pounds and every one that has not seen me in a while asks if I’ve lost weight, that I look great/younger (an I don’t think 5 pounds would make a noticeable difference, so it has to be the lack of fat under the neck).

So overall the procedure was worth it. I am considering a chin implant to see if it would help with my neckline.

Updated on 15 May 2011:
I forgot to mention that the residual swelling went down at the same time that I recuperated most of the feeling sensation on my jaw (it’s about 90% back to normal).

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I had laser lipo with tumescent 2 weeks ago and am still recovering. I'm a 27 healthy male, very active and fit, workout 6x a week cardio/weight training and very healthy diet (no trans fat, high protein, low carb).

I was fat in high school (5'8 & 215) but since lost it all, except for some stubborn fat on the abdomen. Thus, I got tumescent based laser lipo.

Post surgery (pics below). All the swelling is gone, the results were noticeable immediately, but my main concern is that i have quite a bit of scar tissue formation on the lower abdomen. My PS said to not worry about it as it will go away in a few months, but another PS friend I spoke to said to massage it every day for 40 mins.

Any ideas on what to do about the scar tissue? Is it helpful at this state to help re-attach the skin back to the muscles or will it detract from the final results? PS. Photo is t+10 days post op. Thanks! Sean

I had tumescent assisted laser lipo 2 weeks ago on upper and lower abdomen. I have significant scar tissue (hard lumps) on my mid section and lower abdomen. My PS said not to worry since the scar tissue will go away in 3 mos. I was wondering if scar tissue was healthy at this stage for any skin tightening aspects and if not approximately how many weeks post op should the lumps (scar tissue) expect to go down?

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I had cool touch lipo done in a northern suburb of chicago. I had 3 procedures to different areas and had my body reshaped. 52 years old and look like a 35 year old body. The skin tightening I got with the Cool Touch Laser was great. I did not require a tummy tuck and I can now wear a 2 piece swimsuit.

Did the Zerona Laser after every procedure for healing to the area. You need a doctor who has done lots of Laser-Lipo. The smart lipo laser as I found with research did not have the skin tightening abilities of the Cool Touch.

Updated on 28 Apr 2011:

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I am in great shape, but could never quite achieve the look I wanted. It took me a long time and a lot of research before I finally settled on a Plastic Surgeon to perform Laser Lipo on me.

I am 34, male, very athletic, but have never been able to obtain that ripped and shredded look. After the surgery, and an additional touch up surgery 3 months later, I have finally met my goals. I have the six pack I always wanted, I also have the side abs/obliques. I am very happy with the results.

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I am very concerned about the contour of my skin after having lipo under my chin. I am 39 and just wanted a small amount taken out, but the doctor told me he was aggresive because he wanted me to have a really good result.

Anyway, my problem is that my skin is stuck to my bone it looks like and that’s what he told me. This week will be week 3 and my doctor, who I do think is great by the way, told me that ultrasound may help and to massage the area. From what I have read I know that bumps under the skin are normal and will go away, which I have too, I am just very worried about the major uneveness. It actually looks like I have incision lines under my chin. I want to know what I can do to make this better or go away and I want to know if it will get better. I wore the chin strap for about a week and when I took it off my chin and neck looked beautiful but now I think I look like a burn victim.

How to improve skin sticking to bone after under chin lipo and will it get better (I’m 3 weeks post-op)?

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I had light chin liposuction during my facelift last October. I am mid-40s and I look my age. I didn’t think I looked horrible then but this was to be a proactive step. Women my age can attest: you often don’t get fat in certain areas because you are fat; it is just there. Then it starts to hang and pull your skin down and soon you find yourself not looking trim.

My doc suggested chin lipo when I asked about a lower facelift. He told me point blank that he could pull the skin back up and I would look better but that in three or four years time the weight of the fat in my chin would pull it right down again. I appreciated this honesty and it made complete sense! He was a guiding light on my surgical journey and really helped me to make the right decisions.

The work he did was fantastic. I had a full facelift but my most drastic change came in my chin area because he removed the fat there and also pulled the skin up. It is dramatic and this alone makes me happy for the procedure. The results I see in the rest of my face are lovely as well. I looked refreshed and I would say mid to late 30s… but GOOD.

Liposuction isn’t for everyone but I can’t recommend it enough in conjunction with a facelift. Fat deposits may very well be your real problem so ask your doctor!

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After surgery I had some amount of liquid inside of my chin and neck. The doctor pooled it out with needle next day after surgery (surgery has been done at 07/28/10), but I can feel that some of liquid is still there which worries me… Does anybody had anything like that?

Updated on 28 Jan 2011:
If I only can change my decision of that time, I WOULD NEVER DO THIS SURGERY!

My chin after surgery is noticeably enough asymmetrical. After liposuction the second chin is gone, but my neck looks older than before. I STILL have uncomfortable feelings inside of my chin. There is feeling as if some small needles are inside of my chin when I touch it, also numbness and pulling sensation is there. The feeling of Heterogeneity is present. And that is unpleasant feeling. 

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I am 33 years old, 120 lbs. 16 days ago I had lipo on my neck for hereditary and age turkey neck. My PS also used laser resurfacing on inner side of skin to counter the loose skin as my skin has poor elasticity.

I am required to wear the garment 24/7 for 3 weeks. This seems excessive to me and I'm starting to get a bit of cabin fever! Medium pain, swelling a bruising. By 5th day all bruising had gone and swelling much decreased. The numbness was a bit of a shock, though the much of the feeling has come back in the last few days. The overall effect looked great at day 5 and I was really excited. Now however, I have 2 indentations on my neck under my chin and the skin seems loose and sagging there as well. I am starting to freak out a bit. It's really quite noticeable and I'm concerned about people noticing it when I finally get to venture out in public. It makes my neck look a lot older than I am. I have had lymphatic massage twice and found this really helped break down the lump. I wish I'd done it sooner.

I was wondering if anyone else had experienced the loose skin and indentations after neck lipo and whether this went away and in how long? I've not been able to find many people who have had smart lip with co2 laser on the underside skin, I'm curious about anyone else who has done this and what their results were. I will post photo's as soon as I work out how to download from my camera :-)

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My mid-section was the last place to gain weight and the only place it WASN'T coming off of (go figure). I had lipo to get my waist back and smooth my stomach out so I could wear pants again. My advice to others would be to make sure it's right for you.

I had SmartLipo with Dr. Okoro through SonoBello on 8/12. He did my upper and lower abs and waist. It was my first cosmetic procedure and also my first surgery, period (unless you count having my wisdom teeth removed). I did local anesthesia and was super nervous about being awake for the procedure.

When I met with Dr. O the day of the procedure, he was confident, assuring and very patient – all the things I needed. He answered all of my inane questions for what probably was the 5th time then walked me through exactly what would happen. When I had problems taking the pre-procedure cocktail-o'-pills, he gave me a secret way to take them without gagging. When I objected to his choice of OR music, he let me listen to my iPod. And when the nerves got the best of me, he asked me questions that made me forget about what I was nervous about in the first place. These things may seem little, but it was my first surgery and it made such an impact on the overall experience.

Results wise, when I first stood up – HOLY COW! I had a waist again! I couldn't believe I could see results that quickly. I was in shock the entire day about how amazing I looked. Granted, I'm not quite 1 week post-op yet, and now I'm a bit swollen, but I can still tell Dr. O did fabulous work. The downtime for me was also virtually non-existent. My procedure was at 11:30am, and I took my last pain pill at 6pm. I have relatively no bruising, no pain, no nausea, my incisions are healing nicely and I went back to work on Monday. I know everyone heals differently, but I have other friends who have had plastic surgery with different doctors and their recovery time was MUCH different. And by different, I mean worse.

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